CNN is Facing a $300 Million Lawsuit

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These days, it’s easy for conservatives to check out the headlines and feel discouraged.

Democrats in charge of government, Sleepy Joe in the Oval Office, crazy people running our COVID response, and a busted up economy…but now and then, there’s some news that puts a smile on your face.

Today is one of those days; a district court judge in Florida has decided that a $300 million lawsuit against CNN from famous lawyer Alan Dershowitz will be allowed to proceed.

CNN tried to block it and failed. 

CNN Spin Room by JeremyRyan is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

What’s the Lawsuit About?

The lawsuit from Dershowitz claims that CNN dishonestly edited a statement he made about the Trump impeachment trial. According to Dershowitz, the network looped his comments so that he looked senile and then lied about what he was saying in order to claim he believed President Trump should be allowed to break the law.

According to Dershowitz, who is an experienced and famous civil liberties lawyer, CNN intentionally did this to smear his reputation and make it look like he’d gone insane by saying outlandish things that make no real sense. 

Dershowitz didn’t say that and doesn’t believe that; now, he wants CNN to pay up for libeling his reputation and making it look like he doesn’t believe in the law. 

According to Dershowitz, CNN presented “exactly the opposite” of what he actually said. He’s now going to crush their network and take down key people who tried to twist his words and make a fool out of him. 

In a Perfect World…

In a perfect world, CNN would be facing 100 lawsuits like this one from Dershowitz. If we all had his kind of money and knowledge of the law, we could hold this fake news agency responsible for a fraction of what it’s done.

Just to even begin the list, you can put in their constant twisting of the words, intentions and beliefs of conservatives; then, add in their ongoing worship of anything done by the Democrat Party, liberals, and progressive ideas. 

CNN is not a news network, and as places like Project Veritas have exposed repeatedly, it has a definite agenda to skew the news in order to boost its progressive agenda, gaslight and lie about conservatives. 

As we find out more about Dershowitz’s lawsuit going forward, don’t take the bait and let CNN issue some apology or claim it’s cleaned up shop and is taking things seriously now. 

This is a rich network, but $300 million is still a solid chunk of change. There’s also no doubt that CNN is going to try to backpedal a little here, dump on individual anchors or claim this was a one-off. It wasn’t. It’s part of a common pattern, and CNN needs to pay up.