CNN Founder Ted Turner Deeply Hates His Own Network

Ted Turner is a businessman who founded Cable News Network (CNN) in 1980. It was supposed to set a fresh standard in news reporting: a 24-hour marathon of hard-hitting, fact-based journalism that would keep America up to date.

However, things have changed. Now, 40 years later, Turner is reportedly disgusted with what CNN has become. In fact, his friends worry that he’s so upset, he’s suicidal.

Meet Ted Turner

Turner was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1938. He went on to become one of America’s leading entrepreneurs. He bought the Atlanta Braves baseball team and became well known for that, but he wasn’t done yet.

He founded both TBS and CNN, as well as headed up a project aimed at securing our nation from nuclear threats.

Turner’s life was not all roses, however; his own dad killed himself. Turner also worked hard to create CNN, shaping it out of a minor Atlanta TV station that nobody cared about at the time.

Now, at 83-years-old, Turner’s health is beginning to decline and his biographer, Porter Bibb, says he’s worried Turner himself might actually be suicidal.

Turner’s Current Condition

Turner suffers from a condition called Lewy Body syndrome, which is what led to the deterioration of actor Robin Williams, prior to his suicide.

Turner has been taking lithium for a lot of his life; he’s well known for carrying the silver handgun his dad used to kill himself around with him everywhere.

Bibb says he’s “sure” Turner is going to off himself like Williams, and he’d like to see a movie made about the media icon’s life before that happens.

Turner is an avid sailor who won America’s Cup; he also gave one billion USD to the UN on behalf of the US and supported many charities that are now supported by Warren Buffet and others.

Turner owns the most land in the US and is one of the leading nature conservationists in the world. The point is Turner would make an interesting subject for a movie. It would also be interesting to look at his dislike of CNN today.

Turner’s Anger at CNN

According to Bibb, Turner is disgusted with former CNN head Jeff Zucker and how he turned CNN into a left-wing opinion mill full of gossip.

Zucker and other CNN leaders never gave Turner the time of day after the merger with AOL in 2000; he was very disappointed by how they started slipping into pure speculation and opinion.

You have to ask yourself what it means when the man who founded you hates his own network. The truth is that CNN didn’t use to be as full of misinformation as it is today.

It also didn’t use to be a political weapon of the Democrat Party. Sadly, times have changed, and Turner is no longer in charge.