CNN Finds New Way to Drive Ratings Up After Trump

CNN Logo by FLC is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

As good as they are at lying, sometimes even CNN slips up and tells the truth.

Mistakes happen. The truth sometimes leaks out. And all they can do is say sorry, we’ll do better next time.

The latest leak comes from WarnerMedia, the company that owns CNN. Its CEO Jason Kilar got a little too honest recently during a press conference and admitted that despite the down period after Trump leaving office CNN still has a lot to bank on thanks to the COVID pandemic.

“It turns out it’s really good for ratings,” Kilar quipped, adding that “it turns out the pandemic is a pretty big part of the news cycle and that’s not going away anytime soon.”

Feed the people locked up at home endless fear sandwiches and collect the ratings money. Could these CNN people be any sicker?

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Sorry for Telling the Truth

Kilar quickly realized he’d been a little too honest and backtracked soon after his comments, saying he should be more “thoughtful” about how he speaks and apologizing “for the sentence and for uttering it.”

As brutal as it was, what Kilar said is true.

CNN is a ratings-hungry, immoral machine that has zero interest in the truth. They treated President Trump like the devil incarnate and have covered for President Biden so heavily that it feels like he personally wires them money every night.

From immigration to the suffering in the economy to Trump, COVID, BLM and more, CNN has been nothing but a Soviet Union-level propaganda factory.

They have been misinforming, scaring, blackmailing, indoctrinating and confusing Americans for years now and get progressively worse year by year. The time was that CNN reported the news, but we are way beyond that point now.

They and similar networks aren’t in the news business: they’re in the propaganda and ratings business.

If that means hyping up COVID and misinforming people about how it works and what it is by politicizing every aspect of the virus then CNN is extremely happy to do so (as they have shown over the past year).

Part of a Pattern

Kilar’s comment is far from the first time that mainstream media and political figures have let the truth leak out about how casually they actually see the virus.

It’s been obvious from the mask hypocrisy of people like California Governor Gavin Newsom and the Governor of Rhode Island, as well as the horrific decisions of NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to require nursing homes to accept people with COVID, that the establishment doesn’t actually care about keeping America safe or telling the truth about this virus or what is going on.

Instead they just sneer and smirk about how people who don’t wear masks are so idiotic and go on rants about how the virus is the end of the world and the only thing worse are Trump supporters. The media knows that Trump would have easily won the 2020 election if not for COVID, but now that he is gone they need a new ratings cash cow and they’re more than happy to use COVID itself to milk out all the fear, confusion and horror they can among the general public.

During Biden’s run for President his senior adviser admitted that “COVID is the best thing to ever happen to [Biden],” while fellow Biden supporter (and North Vietnamese traitor) Jane Fonda said that the pandemic is “God’s gift to the Left.”

At this point the mainstream progressive media has become like Hanoi Hannah during the Vietnam War, a constant voice trying to lower morale, sap the spirit of the American people and fill their heads with doubt, fear and frustration so that they give up on their own mission and put their hands up in defeat.