CNN Disgraces Itself by Peddling Nasty Lies about 2020 Riots

Far-left propaganda network CNN is at it again. The network claimed the extremely violent, brutal, and damaging 2020 woke riots were nothing but “peaceful.”

Shameful Page in US History, Dems Love It

The riots in which Commie-Nazi thugs and terrorists ravaged major cities nationwide because of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis will remain one of the most disturbing, concerning pages in the history of the United States.

For the first time ever, street riots literally caused billions of dollars in damage, not to mention the deaths of a number of people, including eight-year-old Secoriea Turner, police captain David Dorn, and the injuries of hundreds of others.

Yet, CNN is once again seeking to impose lies on this nation’s public by claiming the outrageous 2020 insurrection was in fact “peaceful.” The far-left network even published a video flashback out of Minneapolis, dated May 30, 2020.

The video bears an arrogant caption, stating CNN is recording when “history” gets “made.”

‘Peaceful’ Insurrection

While the CNN footage shows mayhem with thugs clashing with police, and “f*** the police” messages, the network’s correspondent, Oscar Jimenez, proclaimed that to be “peaceful protesting,” Red State reports.

Arguing that the protesters were “sticking” to their message, Jimenez then encouraged his team to get further into filming the vandalism against America’s freedom and democracy.

The report points out that by May 30, 2020, when CNN’s newly-resurfacing footage was filmed, the insurrection already destroyed and torched much of Minneapolis.

By that time, the rioters even burned down the city’s third police precinct in an unprecedented act of terrorism.

To top it all off, the CNN team actually had to escape for their safety during the riots; they were struck by a projectile and there was a deployment of tear gas.

The report emphasizes by pushing the lies that the 2020 insurrection was a “peaceful one,” CNN is engaging in gaslighting and even “tear gaslighting” against the American people.