CNN Declares That There’s No Way To Tell Someone’s Gender When They’re Born

CNN's Anderson Cooper by minds-eye is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

CNN Fake News Network is one of those places that’s a perfect metaphor for modern liberal society. 

It exists in a bubble, it’s mostly White, it talks constantly about minorities and minority issues, it’s obsessed with word policing and it’s…completely full of crap. 

The latest insane nonsense out of CNN comes as breaking news “reporter” Devan Cole said that “gender identity” is unknown when a baby is born. 

Yes, he seriously said that. In a “news” report, not on an opinion show. 

This blistering idiot actually said that: “it’s not possible to know a person’s gender identity at birth, and there is no consensus criteria for assigning sex at birth.”

In a sane world this ass clown would get fired on the spot. At CNN he’s probably going to get a promotion. 

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CNN: the Genius Network

In that little thing you may have heard of called human existence and the history of the world there’s been a thing called men and women. Men have penises and women have vaginas. I know it is difficult to wrap one’s head around, but it’s actually true. 

In rare cases there are hermaphrodites or individuals who do not conform to the above binary, but in the vast majority of cases it is very, very simple. 

The ridiculous leftist idea that sex is “assigned” at birth and has little to do with what your actual gender is is batcrap nonsense. But you’d be absolutely shocked how many of them believe it or repeat it out of fear that not believing it will lose you your job or get you cancelled. 

CNN‘s Cole was likely trying to make a savvy career move, showing that he’s ready to compete at the highest levels of the Woke Olympics. 

His comments came in reference to South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem’s orders that try to get biological men out of women’s high school sports. Cole was angry about Noem’s supposedly “transphobic” move since everyone knows that women don’t deserve protection. 

Just remember: gender is a social construct, but if a man becomes a transgender woman he is a “real” woman and don’t you ever dare question it!

Biological Sex is Real

Contrary to what Cole and his idiot bosses at CNN believe, biological sex actually is real, and it directly correlates to gender. Nothing is “assigned” and they can save their cultural Marxism language for the loony bin where they belong, not spouted at gullible people on a national cable news network. 

It’s outrageous and shocking that this even has to be said: telling people insane lies that can directly lead to the genital mutilation of their kids and long-term psychiatric breakdown is not OK. It’s child abuse, it’s psychological terrorism and it’s journalistic dishonesty of the worst kind imaginable.

With Uncle Biden in the Oval Office these miscreants now have a chance to push all the worst of their transhuman agenda, especially when you consider that the so-called “Equality Act” is currently trying to be pushed through Congress by Democrats. 

As you can easily guess, the Equality Act has nothing to do with respect for diversity or tolerance. It’s about forcing us to believe  that gender is not real and that we must believe in the new progressive cult in every way or risk lawsuits, job loss, violence and all sorts of indignities. 

To say that this country has been taken over by a crazed woke mob of dangerous psychopaths is no longer an exaggeration. These people cannot be compromised with. They are fanatical cult members who must be thoroughly discredited and rejected at every opportunity.