CNN, Racist Left Stoop to New Lows in Despicable Hit Job on Larry Elder

Larry Elder is running to replace failed California Governor Gavin Newsom and there’s no doubt he has a real chance to do it. The left is going insane over the chance that a black conservative could get into office in their liberal mecca of California.

Therefore, the accusations are getting wild. The latest attack from CNN will have your jaw hitting the floor.

CNN Calls Elder a White Supremacist

In a recent article, CNN wrote that black and brown people are the new version of white supremacists. Then, they also had a guest on their idiotic program claiming that Elder himself hates black people because he’s internalized whiteness.

This is getting so ridiculous, at this point, to be honest. If you don’t think being black makes you black, then go get your vision checked. Elder is clearly black; it’s just he’s also conservative, something which our liberal media and their political allies can’t tolerate.

By making whiteness a shifting term that they can use for anyone they hate, the left is able to be racist without being called on it. There’s just no truth to the idea that people like Larry Elder are racist.

They’re simply black people who think for themselves and aren’t buying what the Democrats are selling…and good for them. Still, liberals should be called on their racism over and over, because they deserve all the blame they can get.

The False Accusations Against Elder

The false accusations against Elder are even more outrageous because he was just recently attacked by some white people throwing eggs and wearing gorilla masks. If that’s not racist, then I don’t know what is.

The media would have spoken out strongly against the attack on Elder if they had any principles or really supported minorities. However, the shameful truth is that the leftist media couldn’t give less of a damn.

Racial Diversity as a ‘Cloak’

According to CNN, racial diversity is often used as a cloak to cover up racist viewpoints and intolerance. What exactly is racist or intolerant about Elder? He wants to help Californians of all races have a better life. That sounds like the opposite of racist to me.

The truth is that Elder’s only being picked on because he’s challenging leftist power and there’s a chance he could get the state away from their clutches. Newsom has a lot of powerful friends in powerful places and he’s pulling out all the stops to shut Elder down.

However, this radio host is a tough guy and we can count on him to weather the storm. Now, let’s hope Newsom does get recalled and Elder wins. We can’t afford to let California become completely lost under the Democrat Party.