Clarence Thomas Speaks Out With Emergency Warning

The leak of a draft opinion on abortion a few weeks ago was a dark moment for the Supreme Court.

The court’s ability to do its job and decide on the highest laws in the land is guaranteed by it having the security to make decisions without being threatened.

That security has now been removed. We see US Federal Marshals deployed to protect justices and our liberal media encouraging even more pressure on the Supreme Court.

The reason is the desire by the left to fully protect and preserve the landmark abortion decision, Roe v. Wade, which was passed in 1973.

Now, leading conservative-leaning Justice Clarence Thomas is speaking out about the leak and just how much damage it’s done to the court.

Thomas Issues Stark Warning

Recently, Thomas gave a speech in Dallas, Texas. He opened up about just how bad this leak is for the court. According to Thomas, any “trust” in the court is now completely erased.

He said the Supreme Court is now “fundamentally” altered in a negative way and he can’t go out in public anymore without being paranoid for his own safety.

With the numerous threats against Thomas and conservatives in this country, he has good reason for his fear.

In the past, the court was much more stable, Thomas says, noting justices truly “trusted” one another and had some respect for the institution. That is gone now, he noted in Dallas.

Because of how fast places like the Supreme Court are being “undermined,” Thomas said he’s not even sure how long they will be around.

The end of the Supreme Court may seem like no big deal. However, it would also potentially be the end of America as a constitutional republic and the start of chaos we can’t even imagine right now.

This Isn’t About Both Sides

While delivering his remarks in Dallas, Thomas also pointed out this isn’t about tension between both sides or a general climate of fear.

It’s about the left in this country undermining our institutions and making us afraid to state our beliefs as non-progressives.

As Thomas said, when conservatives have been frustrated and completely lost certain rulings at the Supreme Court level, they didn’t go outside justices’ homes and try to scare their kids or shout at them in their living room.

The “tantrums” of the left need to come to an end, Thomas said. He’s absolutely correct. These aren’t people with different political views; these are people with no respect for the basic foundations of our nation and its laws.

The Bottom Line

The Supreme Court’s validity must be upheld if we want to remain a nation of laws.

The left’s behavior has been shameful in a way that’s hard to even describe. Thomas is fully justified in calling out their disrespect for this nation and its laws.