Chuck Schumer: Democrats are Still Going to Win

Everywhere you look, the Democrats are losing. They lost the vote over the filibuster. They’re being blocked on Joe Biden’s Build Back Better globalist agenda.

Democrats have failed completely to generate support for their voting rights bills; Biden’s recent speech in Georgia was even boycotted by leading grassroots activists like Stacey Abrams.

As I said, it’s hard to look around and see anywhere the Democrats are getting their way. Moreover, with a huge red wave predicted for the midterm elections later this year, the forecast looks gloomy indeed.

However, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has a different idea. In fact, according to Schumer, the Democrats are actually winning. Here’s why he thinks that…

What is Schumer Smoking?

According to Schumer, the Democrats are actually winning the moral victory. By forcing through several votes that were bound to lose on election rights and the filibuster on Wednesday, Schumer says Democrats avoided the “greater loss” of not even trying.

Nancy Pelosi is a corrupt insider and political player who Tucker Carlson recently compared to Michael Jackson in appearance, but she does understand strategy.

As Pelosi has made clear, you should never move forward on a vote that you already know you don’t have a chance of winning, but Schumer did it anyway.

Right now, he’s making bizarre statements about how Democrats will be seen as the heroes of history, standing up for what’s right and “moving the ball forward” on voting rights and democracy. He thinks it will help the left win the upcoming midterms.

It definitely will not. The Democrats are failing everywhere, and even their supporters can see them getting their behinds handed to them.

Seriously, this guy is completely delusional and he should probably think about retiring. However, it’s actually great news for Republicans, since having a senile guy in charge of the Senate only makes the GOP position stronger.

Does Anyone Agree With Schumer?

The thing is if Schumer was just one man, his ideas wouldn’t matter.

However, he is the leader of the Senate for Democrats and he does represent the “party line.” Plus, Schumer has another senile friend currently occupying the Oval Office who says similarly grandiose and bizarre things.

Both are fully out of touch with reality. Biden recently went to Georgia and hollered about how those who oppose the imaginary Democrat fight for “voting rights” are similar to George Wallace and are racist “domestic enemies.”

Here, Schumer is saying losing the fight over the filibuster and passing their voting bill doesn’t matter because they took part in the “good fight.”

Here’s the thing, Chuck: you didn’t fight any good fight. You didn’t increase “exhilaration” with your base.

You fought an imaginary fight against a problem that doesn’t even exist. You tried to fix the elections for your side and failed.