Chocolate Candies Now Too Offensive for the Left-Leaning Snowflakes to Handle

What was once one of this country’s biggest candy mascots soon became the target of the woke culture’s many campaigns against anything that doesn’t conform with their views.

M&M’s are chocolate candies beloved by children and adults across the globe.

Yet, due to the company’s unusual approach to marketing, that being the incorporation of their candies into the company’s mascot, it didn’t sit right with the snowflakes on the left.

M&M Succumbs to the Woke Mob, Removes Their Mascots

The changes that got the ball rolling were the company’s attempts to change how some of their mascots look and behave, with one change to the green M&M being the drop that spilled the glass.

Apparently, removing the green M&M’s feminine traits to make it more similar to the rest was the one thing the company never should’ve dared to do; it’s what shook the hard left to its core.

On top of that, the addition of several other colors to the mix certainly didn’t do much good either. It brought on even more hate for the company and what they’re doing, even though it’s literally just candy advertisements.

For some reason, the Mars Candy company tried to pander to the left, even after releasing a special “female only” edition for Women’s Day, only to shoot themselves in the foot seconds later.

Oh and, given that this was a series of “who asked for this” events, the green and brown M&M’s were made into a lesbian couple, despite the fact no one in their right mind was sexualizing the mascots, to begin with.

Why would a piece of candy be offensive?

However, the backlash piled on. After what seemed like years of poor decisions from the candy company, they’ve finally caved to the woke mob, announcing on their Twitter account that they’ll be removing the “spokes candies.”

According to Mars Candy company, they didn’t even think anyone would notice the minor changes they’d made to their iconic characters, let alone those to their personalities, but the left is infamous for being nitpicking champions and they sure delivered.

In light of these coming changes to their advertising campaigns, the company added they’ll be replacing the spokes candies with Maya Rudolph, as it seems that few actually disagree with her and her worldviews.

Sadly, this response was nothing short of a complete disaster. The Maya Rudolph announcement comes off as condescending, to say the least; the one thing you shouldn’t do is call your target audience immature, indirectly or not.

The real issue was the fact they willingly changed iconic characters for the sake of a minority group that would find an issue with them no matter how they were changed.

The fact that the gender identity movement somehow got into candy advertising is absurd, especially in times like this when women are constantly being pushed out of their own spaces while the pronoun crowd continues stealing their identity.

M&M’s chocolatey taste was loved by millions of Americans, but in 2023, what’s left of the company’s original idea, leaves nothing but a sour taste in our mouths.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.