China Under Fire Amid New COVID Developments

Right now, China is making headlines for dealing with a plethora of new COVID cases. Reports note things are so bad that health officials, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and others within the nation are having serious problems getting any sort of hold on this.

Funeral homes in China are quickly approaching or exceeding their capacities, therefore prompting price increases. After years of rigorous lockdowns and other restrictions, many Chinese citizens are not in the position to dole out extra funds to cover funerals.

Therefore, some of the Chinese have gone viral for literally burning the dead bodies of their loved ones in the streets as a DIY version of cremation.

However, new developments are now emerging about China and its connection to COVID, per Epoch Times.

It’s Only Getting Worse

Some of the most recent developments reveal that higher-ups in China sat on information regarding COVID and its degree of infectiousness. Back towards the end of 2019, China is said to have known the virus could easily spread between individuals.

Nevertheless, the Chinese government did not reveal this information until well into January 2020. There are lots of thoughts about why China ultimately wasn’t forthcoming about such critical virus details.

However, many reports now indicate that China had a vested interest in infecting the rest of the world, even using this virus as a tool to take out some of its international competition.

In February 2020, China pitched a fit after different countries started imposing travel restrictions on Chinese citizens. This is similar to China’s reaction to the return of these restrictions as the nation faces unparalleled problems with COVID.

To this day, the country has never once apologized for sitting on essential information about COVID. Many people believe that China was well aware of what it was doing all along and remains aware to this very day.

Endless Hypocrisy

Despite China now criticizing multiple nations around the world for their travel restrictions, China also hasn’t hesitated to implement its own measures that it deemed to be vital.

China’s Zero COVID policy was infamous for its total disregard for human rights and liberty. Nevertheless, Chinese government officials didn’t pull back this policy until they were good and ready.

Currently, China is realizing other countries around the world also have a right to implement the measures they deem to be best for their own people. So far, it remains to be seen how China deals with COVID and whether or not massive outbreaks of the virus get better or worse.

Do you believe China is directly responsible for how COVID spread around the world? If so, you’re more than welcome to let us know in the comments area how you believe China should be held accountable.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.