China Issues Chilling Threat to Athletes, Just Ahead of the Winter Olympics

The 2022 Winter Olympics start on February 4, 2022 in Beijing, China. Despite efforts to boycott them, these games will go ahead as planned.

China has a message for athletes who will be competing in the games: be quiet if you don’t want to get in a lot of trouble.

With pressure growing on the authoritarian communist state, Beijing wants to make sure competitors don’t get any ideas.

The communist regime wants to make sure the public relations of the games go off without a hitch, instead of any talk about the horrific crimes of its government.

China Demands Athletes Obey the ‘Olympic Spirit’

As the games rapidly approach, China is setting down the ground rules and making it clear any criticism of its regime won’t be tolerated.

Speaking at China’s embassy in the US recently, top government official and Olympic organizer Yang Shu said athletes will be “protected,” as long as they keep to an “Olympic spirit.”

What he’s saying is obvious: shut up about the Uyghur genocide, shut up about COVID leaking from the Wuhan lab; shut up about the murder and organ harvesting of Falun Gong members, shut up about China making friends with the Taliban in Afghanistan to get their minerals.

Basically, be a good boy or girl and play your sport if you don’t want to get fined, deported, or even arrested.

We’ve already seen Chinese people hurling racist abuse at black American athletes arriving to get trained ahead of the games. Now they’re also being told to shut their mouths? When will the BLM protests start?

Follow the Rules…Or Else!

Let’s be clear here: the International Olympic Committee (IOC) already has regulations that don’t allow athletes to make political statements.

That’s because, like the World Health Organization and other globalist groups, the IOC is heavily influenced by China and other authoritarian countries.

Can you imagine the praise a foreign athlete would get in America’s media for making some pretentious statement about BLM or Trump? Yet, American athletes have to shut up when they go to other craphole countries?

Athletes who are going to Beijing are already getting the message and saying it’s best to stay quiet because if China doesn’t get you, the IOC will.

It Gets Creepier

The organizers of the Beijing games have given all athletes an app that checks their health. According to apps, it can be easily hacked, however, and the user info can be shared with anyone.

Specifically, it can easily be shared with the Chinese government.Ā China’s social credit score is already in place, so putting foreign athletes under it is not surprising.

Athletes won’t just have to watch what they say in public. Even over a drink, some wrong words about Xi Jinping, Tibet, or the Uyghurs could land them in very hot water.

This is the world China wants and it’s horrible!