China is Laughing Out Loud After US Response To Their Brutal Threat

The Chinese Communist Party has a dictatorial grip over China. Not only does it have surveillance cameras and microphones everywhere, it also controls everything that goes on in China’s politics.

That means no opposition, no free speech, and no basic rights. Though China still hasn’t taken over the world yet, despite their slow and steady expansion into Africa, South America and Eurasia.

For this reason, they still need to engage with adversaries, including our very own United States government. However, this does not mean China respects us, particularly our liberal politicians.

Want proof? Look at China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently joking that they would shoot down House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s plane if she tries to come visit Taiwan.

Yes, they really said it.

Why is China Saying This?

The reason China is playing hardball like this is simple: they consider Taiwan to be part of China that illegally split off. They believe it must be “liberated” and reabsorbed into the mainland ever since its mistake in separating in 1949.

Taiwan disagrees. In fact, it considers itself to be the true China that was left over once the communists took over China and destroyed its culture and honor.

Pelosi’s visit isn’t any change to US policy, which clearly stands with Taiwan.

Yet, things like this and the inclusion of the US/Taiwan morale patch being shown on Tom Cruise’s jacket in Top Gun are very important to China and make them furious.

China’s Sick Joke

The joke about shooting Pelosi out of the sky if she is escorted by fighter jets for security came from top Chinese official Hu Xijin.

He said warning salvos would go off first and, if ignored, she would be brought down along with any escort aircraft.

His point? China has rights over that airspace and won’t tolerate a high-ranking American official breaching it to talk to insurrectionists (the Taiwanese).

America Responds? Hmm…Not Really

America’s response to this horrific threat from a Chinese official was shameful. Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said she wouldn’t address such a “hypothetical” and dodged the question.

She mentioned “schedules” and keeping any potential Pelosi trip private. How strange. Nobody ever asked about a hypothetical; they asked about China’s explicit threat. Even if it’s a joke, it’s far from funny and America deserves a response.

How do we respond to China threatening one of our top officials for planning to visit Taiwan?

Are we the most powerful nation on earth or are we a country that now plays backbench to the communist Chinese as they swagger around issuing bizarre threats on social media?

Say what you will of President Trump, but we all know he wouldn’t take these kinds of insane threats lying down. This is part of why the Chinese didn’t issue such tomfoolery under his watch.