China Denounced Biden’s Lies About His Human Rights Claims

After a two-hour-long call of Biden with Chinese President Xi Jinping, the White House claimed Biden discussed human rights violations in China with the Chinese president.

However, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) busted the White House’s lies, stating the White House is propagating “false information” about the meeting.

China Busted Biden’s Lies

On Thursday, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed Biden raised concerns about ethnic genocide and forced labor in China during his call with Xi Jinping.

Furthermore, Jean-Pierre stated Biden “always does” mention human rights violations in China whenever he has the opportunity to speak with Chinese officials.

As Jean-Pierre exaggerated Biden’s remarks, a reporter asked her what the response of the Chinese president was after listening to Biden’s warnings. Responding to this, Jean-Pierre suggested she “cannot speak for President Xi,” so China will release its own statement.

Though the Chinese MFA was quick to denounce Jean-Pierre’s statement.

According to the spokesperson of MFA, Lijian Zhao, the White House statement is a “pure lie” and it constitutes “disinformation.” In a separate statement, the MFA suggested the White House portrayed “false information” about Xi’s call with Biden.

Even the US official readout of the meeting did not mention Biden’s concerns over Uyghur human rights violations.

Biden Admin Denied Speaking Against Chinese Foreign Ministry

Once the Chinese government denied the White House’s comments, a National Security Council spokesman noted he was “not going” in a “back and forth” conversation with the Chinese government official.

The spokesman also noted Biden always raises “concerns about human rights” with President Xi, adding Biden even mentioned the wrongful detention of Americans in China, who are under the “exit ban in China.”

For a long time, global human rights watchdogs have accused China of imprisoning more than 1.8 million Uyghur Muslims in concentration camps.

However, China claimed these camps facilitate the “re-education” of extremist individuals who pose a significant threat to the country. 

The whole Democrat Party has been exerting pressure on President Biden to discuss the human rights issue with China to bring ease to the troubled people.

Now, it seems Biden did not dare to discuss the issue with the Chinese president, as he tried to rely on a lie to please the progressive faction of the Democrat Party.

In December, Biden signed bipartisan legislation which restricted the imports of Chinese products manufactured via forced labor in the Xinjiang region.

According to the statement released by China after the call, Xi warned Biden against any US intervention in Taiwan.

This warning had significant importance since China repeatedly asked the US to stop House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from visiting Taiwan on her Asia trip. The speaker is scheduled to visit Japan, Singapore, and South Korea, but her Taiwan trip remains uncertain. 

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.