Chief Justice Roberts Blocks Biden’s Effort To Repeal Title 42

On Monday, Chief Justice John Roberts signed a one-page ruling to halt the repeal of Title 42. This is a temporary measure, as Title 42 will expire at midnight on Tuesday.

Roberts provided the Biden presidency until Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. to react to the stay. This is only moments before the policy’s expiration date under existing orders.

Losing in Court

Team Biden has advocated putting an end to the epidemic-era policy.

Although Kentucky’s governor is a Democrat, 19 red states banded together to fight for the policy’s continuation. The Supreme Court heard their case. DHS’s response to Roberts’ directive was typical.

In addition, the agency falsely claims illegal aliens are being deported to Mexico, regardless of Title 42. The Biden presidency has attempted to block Title 42 for the past 10 months, but encountered legal obstacles and lost in court.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which controls border and immigration affairs, replied to the ruling by stating Title 42 would remain in place during the time period specified by the Supreme Court.

DHS also said illegal immigrants would continue to be deported to Mexico.

The agency highlighted that preparations for border management would continue after the public health emergency is removed. It encouraged Congress to use this opportunity to deliver the required money for border protection and management.

Chief Justice Roberts reacted to the Republican leaders’ plea for Title 42 to stay in effect by stating additional time was required and then granting the Biden presidency 24 hours to reply.

Mark Brnovich, Arizona’s attorney general, said the state has just submitted an emergency stay petition requesting that Title 42 remain in effect.

He stated repealing Title 42 will irresponsibly jeopardize more Americans and migrants by worsening the border crisis.

Border Crisis

Obviously, Brnovich is correct.

An honest examination of the Biden border issue demonstrates that removing Title 42 at this time will result in a catastrophic situation at the southern border.

Overnight, the number of undocumented immigrants attempting to cross into Texas or Arizona is expected to quadruple.

It is a procedural move that does not necessarily suggest how the Supreme Court will rule in the end. As things were prior to Monday’s ruling, the conclusion of Title 42 remains uncertain.

Governor Abbott is satisfied, as expected. As a border state, Texas bears the heaviest burden.

The ultimate decision may take months to reach. Almost certainly, Roberts will send the matter to the entire court. Attorney General of Texas Ken Paxton promises to continue fighting to maintain the policy.

White House officials continue to spread lies about the open border. In response to a reporter’s inquiry on the border, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated it would be incorrect to assume the border is open.

Every day of the week, Fox News Channel features reporters from the border revealing the facts of the Biden border emergency. Perhaps one day, other networks will opt to report on the border.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.