Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Asked to Get the Heck Out of the City!

Chicago is in desperate need of new leadership. The city’s woke Mayor Lori Lightfoot has practically run the place into the ground, much to the dismay of the citizens who remember the good old days.

Reporter William J. Kelly echoed the thoughts of the Chicago citizens in his latest address to Lightfoot. He politely asked her to pack her bags and leave, preferably as far away from Chicago as humanly possible.

Lightfoot one foot out the door

Kelly opened the speech he’d made by informing everyone he previously had his media credentials revoked by none other than Lightfoot herself.

This happened when he decided to speak up against her divisive agenda, claiming the only reason he’s not next to his colleagues is the fact his questioning had endangered her re-election campaign.

The fact that a reporter’s credentials were taken away solely due to him asking some important questions ahead of a mayor’s re-election campaign definitely doesn’t scream “free country.” You’d expect something like this from a place like Somalia, not the US of A.

Kelly went on to demand that the next mayor not have the power to determine media credentials; they can essentially rig the media in a way where only the content that supports their narrative makes it to the front pages.

However, Kelly didn’t dwell too much on what Lightfoot had done to him, but rather, what she’d done to his city, the one he and two million other Americans grew up in and loved.

From the constant lockdowns to the decision to shut down schools and churches, Lightfoot’s legacy will certainly be one to remember, albeit not in a good way.

The real questions get silenced

Kelly didn’t pull any punches when criticizing the city’s soon-to-be former mayor, likening her and her actions to a pandemic that had befallen the city at the worst time possible, adding he hopes she was aware of the damage she’d done.

In one of his earlier appearances on Fox, Kelly explained his credentials being revoked by Chicago’s mayor was a textbook First Amendment case. In typical leftist fashion, it was swept under the rug lightning fast.

At the time, Kelly had been a journalist in Chicago for over 10 years. Despite having won an Emmy and been in print, radio, TV, and just about every piece of media, he was silenced for asking the questions no one else dared ask.

Thankfully, Lightfoot is already halfway out the exit door. The city’s residents couldn’t be happier, knowing that her reign of woke terror is over and the city will soon be returning to its former glory.

However, that’s only going to happen if the left doesn’t win this time around; although it’s safe to say anyone other than Lightfoot is going to be received as a blessing.

Chicago has a long-standing tradition of fearless reporters who chose to ask the real questions that the people actually wanted answers to. Kelly has proven himself to be one of only a few belonging to this nearly extinct species.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.