Carnegie Hall Professor Makes Insulting Tweet About Dying Queen of England

"Elizabeth II from NatinNatik" by Elli Gerra

After decades of serving in her country’s highest position, Queen Elizabeth passed away at the age of 96 yesterday.

This brought an end to an era in the country, with the news sending ripples throughout the many countries associated with the UK.

Despite her dedication to the people of the UK and the world, Elizabeth still had a fair share of enemies, one of which was professor Uju Anya.

She wished an excruciatingly painful death upon the Queen when she found out her health deteriorated to the point where her life was in danger.

“2005 Royal Visit: Queen Elizabeth II” by Government of Alberta

Queen of England dies aged 96

In her tweet, she called the late Queen Elizabeth a “monarch of a thieving, raping, genocidal empire,” adding she hopes the Queen will die in great pain.

This was likely due to Nigeria, her homeland, being a British colony up until the 1960s.

Thankfully, Twitter actually did its job properly for once. The tweet was soon removed on account of violating several of their rules, one of which would be wishing physical harm onto another person, on or off the platform.

However, before the infamous tweet was removed, it’d already caught the attention of prominent figures across the globe. Jeff Bezos wondered how a person like Anya could be working as someone who’s making the world better.

Being an anti-racism peddler though, the Carnegie Mellon professor retaliated several hours later, once again involving history with current matters, hoping Bezos’ followers remember him as fondly as she remembers her colonizers.

Uju Anya, the anti-racism peddler from UCLA

Hilariously enough, Anya was born in 1979, long after the British colonizers left Nigeria.

This is practically invalidating her entire point as to why she holds the British empire in contempt; albeit these “woke” academics don’t ever provide proper reasoning for their opinions.

After Anya went trending on the platform, many other Twitter users also chimed in, some of which threw insults at her, only to receive a response unbecoming of a professor of second language acquisition at such a prestigious institution.

Of course, due to her ethnicity, a reality where Uju Anya is removed from her position at Carnegie Mellon is highly unlikely, even after what she had to say about the Queen.

Even after all the criticism, Anya refused to change her stance on the matter, claiming she will never feel anything but disdain for a monarch who “massacred and displaced” members of her family.

To no one’s surprise, Anya moved to the US at the ripe age of 10, after which she would attend Brown University and the University of California LA years later. This is probably where the “woke” mindset came from.

The Golden State certainly has a way to indoctrinate people into the “woke” narrative, especially if the person in question is an “academic.” Albeit it’s hard to call someone who writes “Your p**sy stinks” on Twitter an “academic.”

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.