Car Thefts on the Rise Under the Biden Administration

Under the current White House, a lot of Americans are up against very real problems. Joe Biden continues to go on vacation as the supply chain, southern border, and other critical facets of US society remain in tethers.

It doesn’t appear as though the Biden administration plans to put in place necessary reforms to fix these issues. That comes in spite of the current president having campaigned on a platform to “build back better.”

Though as it turns out, while so many industries are suffering under Biden, car thieves are having a grander time than ever, according to Hot Air.

What to Know About Car Theft in the United States

As this year wraps up, reports indicate that car theft rates are projected to go beyond one million. This is record-setting and speaks to the damage that comes without the existence of law and order in society.

Over 745,000 thefts of vehicles happened just during the first three quarters of this year. Furthermore, data shows that police are having a harder and harder time keeping up with the criminals who are robbing folks to this degree.

More chilling information reveals the total value of cars stolen during just this year comes out to about $6.6 billion. One city that is truly bearing the brunt of car theft is Chicago, Illinois.

Growing car thefts arrive as Americans are barely getting by and struggling to make ends meet. Having one’s car stolen therefore only adds to stress.

Tight finances also mean that it’s less likely for car theft victims to be able to bounce back from this without being bruised in the process.

Biden vowed to build back better while in office; though emboldening car theft and leaving the law-abiding twisting in the wind is far from “better” or “building back.”

More to Look Forward to in 2023?

Next year, Joe Biden will have to work within the constraints of a Congress with control split between Republicans and Democrats. Up until this point, Biden’s been able to enjoy having the House and Senate under the thumb of the Democrat Party.

At the very least, a Republican-led House will be able to stop the president from getting legislation passed that would do even more damage to society. However, it is very clear that Biden himself is unlikely to take initiative and fix many of the problems he put into motion.

Criminals are unfortunately getting wind of this and breaking the law accordingly.

What do you make about the rise of car thefts to take palce just during this year alone? Do you believe the Biden administration bears responsibility? Down below in the section for comments, you are more than welcome to sound off with your feedback.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.