Canadian Cops Assault Elderly Man for Honking

The Canadian truckers’ freedom convoy is still happening. Supporters and truckers are crowding the downtown of the capital city of Ottawa and standing up for freedom.

However, Canadian leader Justin Trudeau has demanded they stop and Ottawa has now said honking is illegal.

While several Canadian provinces (states) have eased up COVID restrictions, truckers still haven’t got what they want: a lifting of COVID vaccine mandates and restrictions. So, they’re sticking around.

Now, the Ottawa police are not happy about it; they recently crossed a line no cop should cross; they roughed up an old guy for honking his horn.

Ottawa Cops Rough Up a Small Old Man

Gerry Charlebois is 78 and he’s very small. He honked his horn to support the freedom rally and cops descended like vultures, forcing him to the ground and arresting him.

Charlebois protests that he’s done nothing wrong, while onlookers film it to document what’s happening. The police shout to get back as they act out the Soviet-style role of arresting non-compliant citizens.

Canada has been hit by very hard COVID business shutdowns, mask and vaccine mandates, and propaganda. An Ottawa court said all honking is illegal for the next ten days starting on February 7.

Charlebois spoke to the media following his arrest. He said he is vaccinated and wasn’t even involved in the protest. In fact, he said he just went downtown to look around at what was going on.

Charlebois looked around, but found the traffic to be too much, due to the protest. So he decided to go home. On the way home, he saw one of the truckers and he decided to give a thumbs up and a supportive honk.

This was reportedly when police raced over to batter and arrest him.

Shaken Up

Charlebois is reportedly shaken up and may have to go to the hospital to check that he has no more serious injuries.

Police hurt his shoulder and caused him several bruises and cuts. The chance of them being held accountable for roughing this guy up are very small, but the public is outraged.

The Ottawa cops have made seven arrests since the horn ban went into effect. The Ottawa police were also caught stealing fuel from trucks in violation of the law and have been ordered by a local court to bring it back.

Trudeau made it illegal to provide any kind of food or supplies to truckers; although, Canadians haven’t listened to that and have been bringing in jerry cans of gas.

This situation just keeps escalating, and neither side looks ready to back down.

With the Ottawa police chief saying the military may need to be called in, let’s hope the standoff doesn’t escalate into something much darker in the coming weeks.