Canada is Putting in COVID Rules So Strict Even its Own Police Are Refusing to Comply

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Canada is not a place that most Americans spend much time thinking about.

It’s the land of hockey, maple syrup and overly polite people who say sorry a lot. All the stereotypes are true.

But something a little scary has been going on in Canada while we’ve been focused on our own issues here at home. Canada and it’s United Nations puppet leader Justin Trudeau has been turning into a full-on progressive police state. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused Canada to go into a paranoid tailspin, restricting civil liberties and freedom of movement to such a high degree that even compliant Canadians are becoming alarmed and worried. 

This includes police checkpoints inside the country, strict penalties for breaking social distancing, a $2,000 re-entry fee and hotel quarantine for Canadians coming back in the country and much more. 

Now some police are even protesting against how strict the laws have become. 

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Welcome to Canada: Random Checks and Interrogations

The Canadian province of Ontario is located above New York state and is mostly known for the city of Toronto and Niagara Falls. It is led by Premier Doug Ford, brother of the late Rob Ford, who became infamous after smoking crack on video and having numerous run-ins with political opponents that went viral. 

Doug Ford is supposedly a conservative, or what passes for one in Canada, known as a “progressive conservative,” whatever the hell that means. He sold weed to make money growing up and seems about as conservative as Mao Zedong, so it’s no surprise that he’s now putting in place the strictest laws in already-strict Canada. 

Ford says that the COVID situation is so bad in Ontario that he’s being forced to put in place the strictest restrictions and rules in North America, including an emergency stay-at-home order and giving police the power to stop and question anyone they want to ask why they’re outside their homes. 

Ford announced the new draconian measures on Friday, but several cities including Waterloo and Toronto already said they won’t randomly stop people or ask their police to become like Communist kommissars. 

Ford Backtracks

As police stated their opposition to the new laws and cities moved to say they wouldn’t do it, Ford did what weak politicians like him always do: he shifted with the wind and backtracked, saying police would only have the power to stop anyone they suspect might be out without permission or participating in a gathering.

There are going to be various checkpoints set up and most public gatherings of any kind are now banned, including all “non-essential” retail stores and all public schools. 

“My friends, we’re losing the battle between the variants and vaccines. The reality is, there are few options left,” Ford said.

Ontario – which has a population of 14,745,040 – currently has 2,065 patients in hospital with COVID, the majority of whom are not in intensive care. That’s 0.00014% of the population. Definitely sounds like the world is going to end and that police should start harassing people who are out of their homes. 

Canada’s government – which is deeply compromised by Chinese communist spies and infiltration and blackmail by China – is a model for the future progressive police state that the globalists want to impose. It’s important that Americans pay a bit more attention to what’s going on up in the Great White North to ensure that things don’t end up going that far here in the United States as well and also to see what happens when you are overly agreeable in the face of a worldwide communist regime that wants to take away every last bit of freedom that any of us have.