Canada Goes Full Nanny State, Bans Travel from US With Ultra-Restrictive New COVID Rules

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on AI and Quantum Computing by jurvetson is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Canada has a reputation for being polite, but it’s doing its best to kick that reputation. Progressive UN mouthpiece Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced more travel bans punishing Canadians who’ve traveled abroad and blocking Americans from entering.

So if you’re looking for some maple syrup, hockey and freezing cold temperatures you are out of luck.

The mainstream media couldn’t stop fawning over Trudeau and his supermodel looks for years, ignoring that he’s been a consistent pain in the neck to Canada and even allowed Chinese troops to train on Canadian soil.

His latest restrictions show the rising danger of progressive extremism, which is shutting down entire economies and borders in order to stop COVID-19, even though months of shutting down the economy and borders has done nothing to stop COVID-19.

These people obviously “believe in science” a whole lot.

Trudeau’s Police State

Trudeau’s travel bans are extensive and were announced recently at a press conference. Supposedly they are due to worry over the new mutations of COVID. Canadians who travel abroad will have to pay $2,000 and quarantine in a hotel while waiting for a COVID test and Trudeau has also cancelled all flights to Mexico and the Caribbean.

No vacations for you, peasant, only for the liberal politicians who make the lockdowns!

Disturbing reports have already emerged of Canadians arriving from abroad being threatened with arrest and taken to unnamed secret 24/7 surveillance facilities for testing and quarantine where their families were not allowed to contact them. These “approved hotels” as Trudeau calls them are specially sanitized and monitored and very expensive.

Just what people need during a global economic crisis, right? Another massive bill.

Canadians who test negative after waiting three days for results you will go into quarantine at home “under significantly increased surveillance and enforcement” and take another test 10 days later at your own expense. That sounds like a lot of fun.

18324 Montana Canada Border Sign by Raymond Hitchcock is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Canada Travel Ban

The majority of US citizens and any other citizens cannot enter Canada. What about Canadians who go to the US to take a vaccine or visit relatives? Although some exceptions are allowed for “compassionate” reasons, the chances of major border SNAFUs seem significant and the basic message is clear: don’t leave your home!

Perhaps Trudeau and his ilk have forgotten that travel bans are racist and horrible and are the worst thing since Hitler. Or did they think it’s only bad when President Trump did them and now that it’s for a good reason it’s fine?

Here’s the thing:

This “good reason” isn’t backed up by science, and so far travel bans, testing and lockdowns haven’t stopped the virus they’ve only spread it. Perhaps it is time for a full declaration of all contact that Trudeau has had with the Communist Party of China and a federal investigation of its infiltration into the Canadian government, not to mention into the American government.

The nation which started the virus is now already recovering and on an economic boom while their geopolitical adversaries are struggling and shutting everything down. It all seems a bit too convenient if you ask me.

The World Health Organization is currently in Wuhan “investigating” the origins of the virus, but the WHO takes orders from China and is a lapdog for the totalitarian police state and their investigation is a joke.

So is Trudeau, the son of another liberal authoritarian called Pierre Trudeau who previously declared martial law when faced with significant political opposition from French separatists in Quebec in October of 1970. Rights? Forget it. Fall in line and obey the progressive police state.