Canada Bans All Handguns

As the debate over gun control rages here in America, Canada’s far-left leader Justin Trudeau stepped up and announced the country is imposing severe new gun control rules.

Trudeau was recently almost ousted from power by trucker protests and invoked martial law. He even directed his government to freeze the bank accounts of people supporting the protests, circumventing Canadian law.

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Now, Trudeau says there is a “freeze” on any purchase, sale, gifting, or importation of handguns into his country.

He announced it at a press conference on Monday, stunning Canadians who thought they were still living in a country with some freedoms left.

Trudeau Announces Additional Restrictions

In his press conference, smooth-talking Trudeau looked very pleased with himself as he announced the restrictions. He claimed they have been “demanded for years” by law enforcement and gun safety advocates.

Trudeau claimed to respect gun owners at the conference saying he knows the “vast majority” aren’t harming anyone.

However he said since shooting as a hobby or owning guns to hunt are the only legitimate reasons to own a weapon, there is “no reason” why Canadians would need other sorts of weapons.

That’s why he also announced a restriction down to five rounds per magazine on all long guns. Red flag laws will also be strictly increased to make it easier to take guns away from people the government decides are a danger to themselves or others.

These gun control measures, as well as stricter punishment for gun crimes, were put into the legislative process on Monday in Canada’s legislature. They’ll become law in a few months if passed.

At this time Trudeau’s Liberal Party and the even further left National Democrat Party (socialist) have a governing coalition against the medium-left Canadian “Conservatives.”

A Massive Buyback

As Biden also said 9mm handguns should be banned, Canada says rifles like AR-15s and “assault” weapons will face buybacks by year’s end.

Trudeau was famously caught in blackface numerous times in the past. His law will have a large effect on Canada’s minority criminal community. 30% of individuals in jail in Canada come from its Native population.

If Canada were actually getting serious about stopping gun trafficking and crime as Trudeau claims, this law wouldn’t be all bad. Though, as usual, the only people this is going to impact are law-abiding, non-violent gun owners.

Canada’s gangsters, drug dealers, and murderers will continue to acquire handguns and whatever guns they wish, just at a slightly steeper cost to get around the law.

Meanwhile, unvaccinated Canadians still can’t leave their own country. Now, they also can’t own a means of self-protection, since Trudeau says firearms are only valid if they’re for hunting or for sports shooting.

Canada in 2021 is a very scary place to be; it’s quickly becoming the Cuba of the north.