Buttigieg on Kamala Harris’ Equity Remark: No Place for Politics With Hurricane Ian

Pete Buttigieg, the Secretary of Transportation, was questioned on remarks made by Vice President Kamala Harris.

Some claimed these remarks recommended distributing Hurricane Ian relief funds based on criteria other than just loss claims.

Promoting Equity

Harris reported that the aide should be given based on equity and race. Buttigieg was questioned about those comments on “Your World” on Tuesday.

The Transportation Secretary responded that each claimant’s case was unique, citing examples such as citizens requesting assistance when their area was “totally cut off from supplies” vs when resources were still available.

Host Neil Cavuto persisted, citing the criticism of Harris from for-profit assistance organizations like Samaritan’s Purse. The organization’s founder, Rev. Franklin Graham, claimed that everyone who is harmed by a hurricane will eventually become a victim.

The Transportation Secretary explained he had a subtly different perspective on the matter than Graham and pointed out that while Graham’s vacation property was destroyed, the latter still had a safe home to return to.

“Once more, I believe that’s something on which we ought to agree to differ. Naturally, we also acknowledge that a lot of Americans were at risk the moment the storm hit. They are now considerably more exposed.”

“On top of that, in order to help everyone get back up and running, we must ensure that they are taken care of.”

Buttigieg, a supporter of the Biden administration’s green automobile transition program, later rebuffed right-wing concerns about the feasibility of switching to electric vehicles on a national level.

This Is Not About Politics

Buttigieg responded by saying aid must be given based upon necessity and “some people see politics somewhere it does not have to be.”

He pointed out that General Motors intends to ultimately phase out the majority of internal combustion vehicles and expressed surprise at remarks made by one Georgia Republican who was vehemently opposed to such a move.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Rome alleged that Buttigieg wanted to abolish internal combustion engines in order to “demean the manner in which Americans drive.”

Greene complimented the “roar of a V8 engine” while contrasting it with such a scenario of the electric vehicles promoted by Buttigieg at an event in Michigan featuring Donald Trump as the featured speaker.

She added that the Biden administration intends to shut down the auto industry in Detroit. Greene’s comment caused Buttigieg to frown and say he “truly does not comprehend what that implies.”

“My feeling of masculinity is not related to whether my car is powered by electricity or gas,” he continued.

“To be quite honest, there are additional members of Congress that I pay greater attention to when I’m considering viewpoints or ideas that will be crucial to connect with.”

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.