Breaking: Trump’s Former Top Adviser Steve Bannon Hit With Jail Time

Steve Bannon was key to developing the America First agenda and helping President Trump get elected.

His policy of economic nationalism and standing up to globalism appealed to millions of working-class voters of all backgrounds, as well as people from all other classes.

Millions of former Democrats even turned out to vote for Trump.

Though Bannon has been in quite a bit of trouble over not showing up to a subpoena to testify in front of Congress over the January 6, 2021 riots. After being convicted of “contempt” for Congress this past July, Bannon received his sentence on Friday.

Bannon Hit With Four Months in Jail

On Friday, Bannon received four months in jail and a penalty of $6,500. This past July, Bannon was found guilty of two charges of “contempt” for the US Congress.

These charges came about from him not providing materials Congress subpoenaed him for and for not sitting to testify.

If you are found guilty of contempt of Congress, something which hasn’t happened in about four decades, you get a minimum of a month in jail.

Bannon was given more time because Judge Carl Nichols said he didn’t feel Bannon was truly taking “responsibility.” He also needed to serve as a warning for others who thought they could do what they wanted in regard to “similar crimes.”

Bannon’s lawyers were asking for him to get probation instead, while the prosecution argued that he should be given six months.

Bannon is allowed to remain out of jail for the time being until he appeals, which could take quite a while.

Why Was Bannon Subpoenaed?

The reason Bannon was subpoenaed is the J6 Committee believed he possibly helped Trump try to overthrow the 2020 results for president. They wanted to see documents he had in his possession and have him testify under oath about what had taken place.

We’ve seen how random Trump supporters have been handed lengthy prison sentences over J6, including one individual who was given jail time simply for “gesturing” at a Capitol police officer.

In the Bannon case, the defense failed mostly because Judge Nichols agreed with the prosecution that Bannon had not truly respected the aims and gravity of the J6 committee.

They said Bannon acted like he was “above the law” and tried to dodge responsibility for testifying by saying he had “executive privilege.”

As he said in a statement following the sentence, Bannon testified perhaps more than any other, multiple times and to various committees.

The fact he didn’t respect the J6 committee and their witch hunt and wanted Trump’s team to have a lawyer present only speaks to his caution in not throwing himself before the wolves of political persecution.

Now, he’s paying the price.

The Bottom Line

We’ll keep our eyes on Bannon’s appeal. The Biden-Harris regime continues to grow more oppressive by the day.