BREAKING NEWS: DeSantis Struck by Sudden Tragedy!

Due to an “unexpected tragedy,” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis withdrew from a costly dinner on Sunday for Lee Zeldin, a GOP contender for governor of New York.

What Exactly is Going On?

Months ago, the Florida governor’s wife was declared cancer free after undergoing treatment for breast cancer. No details have been released yet, but the media has already jumped to conclusions over the health of Florida’s first lady.

According to Zeldin’s secretary Katie Vincentz, Governor DeSantis had to postpone his trip to New York, due to an unexpected tragedy.

“The event tonight will go ahead. It is anticipated to raise close to a million dollars, even though we’re arranging with Governor DeSantis for a later point in time.”

What the catastrophe was is unclear. The representative made no more comments. Months after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis, DeSantis announced earlier this year that his wife Casey is cancer-free.

Rep. Lee Zeldin of Long Island is challenging Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul for the seat after Cuomo resigned, due to charges of misbehavior which he strongly denied.

Hochul has recently made Florida and DeSantis her targets. Hochul blasted Florida during a Holocaust remembrance gathering a few weeks ago.

The New York governor stated, “I just wanted to express to the 1.77 million Jews who live in New York, bless you for living in New York. Don’t leave the state or travel elsewhere. Look at the governor to see how overrated Florida is.”

State Democratic leaders reacted negatively to DeSantis’ decision to go to New York and lambasted Zeldin.

Without going into any detail, Democratic Party Chair Jay Jacobs stated in a recent Zoom conversation that “Lee Zeldin and Ron DeSantis are not just any Republicans.”

“They share characteristics with the far-right fringe that seeks to curtail basic liberties and impose an extremist agenda on New Yorkers.”

The Political Situation

DeSantis is vying for reelection over Democrat and former Governor Charlie Crist. Nevertheless, there have been speculations that the governor may run for president in 2024, despite the fact that DeSantis consistently refrains from commenting on the idea.

Former President Trump, former Vice President Mike Pence, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, former UN Envoy Nikki Haley, and Senator Tom Cotton are more Republicans who might run.

Crist recently stated in a Florida interview with CNN that he needs more funding to challenge DeSantis or else the governor will become too well-liked and influential in his state.

According to Crist, who frequently promoted his campaign platform on CNN, “It’s the Democrats’ last opportunity to beat Ron DeSantis and it is going to be significantly easier to do it in Florida than in the other 50 states.”

The DeSantis team has been contacted by The Epoch Times for comment.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.