Brave Woman Takes a Stand Against Woke Left in New York

A new video out of New York has people cheering across the country. The footage shows a woman tearing down degenerate posters on the New York subway system.

The posters were from a website called OKCupid which is for dating, but also constantly pushes extremist left-wing views on sex and romance. This one woman had enough, so she simply stood up and started tearing them down.

OKCupid’s Disgusting Propaganda

Just like so much of what we see around us now in public and on TV, there’s all sorts of strange and perverted messages. As this woman said, this is “propaganda” and it’s not okay for children to look at.

The posters were promoting ideas like being “pansexual” and attracted to multiple partners of all genders. They also showed people doing various sexual things and encouraged people to drop their beliefs for a night of sex.

As the woman said, it’s shocking that other people don’t realize how damaging this is for kids. All it takes is a few of these strange words and messages for kids to start searching online and finding very bizarre and mind-twisting content.

It Gets Worse

Not only does OKCupid publicly post age-inappropriate garbage for everyone to have to gawk at; they also put out stuff about only being willing to date someone who’s “pro-choice” and how that’s a reasonable position to have.

Actually, restricting your dating to only those who believe it’s OK to kill unborn babies is extremely twisted. To have this messaging blasted in public is completely unacceptable and disturbing.

It’s very good that this woman stood up for millions of us and tore down this poison. Plus, she started a trend and other people on the subway also stood up and started tearing down more of the propaganda in the subway.

Sometimes, all it takes is one person to stand up to the faceless left in order for more and more people to be brave and admit they also don’t accept the shameless social engineering either.

The Truth About the Cultural Left in 2021

The truth about the left in 2021 is that they are part of a globalist agenda. These “dating” ads from OKCupid are obviously all about warping and twisting people’s ideas of sexuality.

The point is to separate sex from family and reproduction and create a class of fetish-addicted hipsters who love abortion. If that sounds like an exaggeration, it’s not.

The social engineering is becoming truly insane and reaching levels that would have seemed unbelievable even ten years ago. The cultural left wants to reshape and destroy our social fabric, turning our kids into mentally unwell freaks like they are.

Will you accept their brave new world or stand up to it?