Brave Senator Stands Up to Illegal Democrat Scam

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Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama is a staunch Republican who pulls no punches. 

As a former football coach who helped lead Alabama’s Auburn Tigers to multiple championships, Tuberville knows how to take the lead and win. 

His successful ousting of Senator Jeff Sessions from his Senate seat was partly because Sessions failed to stand by Trump during the Russia collusion witch hunt. 

Tuberville doesn’t have that flip-flopper problem: he backs MAGA, he backs the wall; he stands up for all-important socially conservative positions and he’s against left-wing lunacy like critical race theory.

Tuberville also cares about winning elections; that’s why he’s taking steps to stop the Democrats from taking illegal slush funds to help win next year’s midterms. 

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Tuberville Bill: No More Big Government Payouts to Far-Left Groups

President Trump did many things that even some of his supporters don’t realize. He didn’t only turn our economy around and put America first; he also took many small and detailed steps to stop the left-wing grift and lies that have been leeching off and ruining this country. 

One of them is a practice where slush funds from the Department of Justice are paid out to activist groups when lawsuits are settled. 

When Obama was in power, he was funneling all sorts of this money to leftist groups. He did this to basically payoff their loyalty to the Democrats and keep them ticking and humming as they worked to undermine this country. 

Trump scrapped that as soon as he was in office, but once Biden got in…you guessed it: he restarted the taps flowing. This way, Democrat-aligned activist groups can get money from lawsuits they aren’t even related to and spread the leftist message through society like a virus boosted by federal dollars. 

Tuberville’s bill would put a stop to this illegal practice and make sure money in settled lawsuits only goes to victims or to the Treasury when it pertains to them. 

The Stop the Settlement Slush Fund Act

Tuberville’s Stop the Settlement Slush Fund Act comes out of real issues that are happening (and have happened) with slush fund money being give out to leftist groups. 

Tuberville provides the example of a large lawsuit that happened in 2008 during the financial meltdown.

Banks that were partly responsible for leading us to the edge of financial doom had to settle lawsuits amounting to around $110 billion. Of the $100 billion, the Treasury received $49 billion, consumer relief projects got $45 billion, state governments nabbed $5.3 billion, and $10 billion went to other government agencies (and those who had incurred costs during the lawsuits). 

Out of the $45 billion in supposed consumer spending relief, there were a number of leftist advocacy groups; this is a trend which has often popped up in lawsuits against banks with money going out to left-wing political groups. 

By bringing back this practices and putting Merrick Garland in as Attorney General, Biden is setting the stage to start paying this money back out.