Boy Left To The Whims of California Trans Treatment

The ex-wife of Jeff Younger wants to convert their little kid, James, into a female, and he has been battling in court to stop her.

From when he was two years old, Jeff’s ex-wife, a pediatrician, has been developmentally transitioning James.

Too Young

James, who is now 10, according to Georgulas, opted to identify as a girl, wear dresses, and use the feminine name Luna.

Younger, in contrast, charged his ex-spouse of socially transitioning their little son’s gender before he could comprehend the notion or its ramifications.

Early in 2022, the state of Texas determined the medical transition of minors through medications or surgery constitutes child abuse. In response, Jeff’s wife obtained permission from a liberal court to relocate to California and did so early last year.

Additionally, Younger’s right to be notified of his son’s medical care was revoked. The judge also issued a gag order prohibiting him from discussing the matter, which he has plainly disregarded since it infringes his rights.

Younger did retain the authority to agree or refuse medical transitions, assuring if his son stayed in a state besides California, he could stop his son’s surgical castration. However, effective on January 1, California will disregard court rulings issued by other states in similar situations.

He filed an appeal with the Texas Supreme Court earlier this month. The Supreme Court of Texas dismissed his appeal.

The state of California will no longer implement court orders from other jurisdictions, including custody orders.

“Sanctuary State”

California is renowned as a sanctuary state for kidnappers because the legislation protects anyone who has transported children to the state for gender “therapy,” whether legally or illegally.

The California statute protects persons from the application of other states’ laws, such as those in Texas, that would punish them for receiving gender-affirming care that is permitted in California.

The measure forbids medical professionals from sharing information in response to litigation filed by opponents of “gender-affirming” care for youngsters in other jurisdictions.

It also prohibits state and local authorities in California from arresting or extraditing anyone for breaching the treatment laws of other jurisdictions.

The office of Texas Attorney Ken Paxton submitted an amicus brief in favor of Younger and urged the court to grant Younger’s petition.

Paxton published an opinion stating that under Texas law, surgically transitioning children constitutes child abuse.

In its amicus brief, Paxton’s office said Younger’s request for an immediate injunction was required because California had instructed its courts to assume jurisdiction over minors from other states who were prevented from receiving medical intervention.

Younger will not surrender. Given that California is obviously breaching the “full faith and credit” section of the Constitution, this will undoubtedly lead to challenges of California’s statute in federal court.

However, this may not be enough to save James if his mother begins puberty blockers while the lawsuit progresses. Contrary to popular belief, hormone blockers are neither harmless nor curable.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.