Border Patrol Agents Who Don’t Get COVID Vax Will be Fired

Anyone who’s been paying attention is aware of the invasion taking place at our southern border. Illegal immigrants from Mexico and many countries around the world (such as Haiti and Central America) are pouring into our nation undocumented and untested.

It’s unknown how many may have COVID and vaccination status is not being checked. Yet, a new directive from the Biden regime makes it clear the same relaxed rules don’t apply to our brave men and women working for Border Patrol.

Biden to Border Patrol: Get the Vax or Get Lost

Notice has been given to US Customs and Border Patrol (USCBP) that they must have both COVID vaccines before this November or they will be dismissed. This includes two shots or one shot if it’s the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

The GOP, led by Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio, has demanded answers from Department of Homeland Security (DHS) head Alejandro Mayorkas, since USCBP is under DHS jurisdiction.

As Jordan’s letter observes, 1.26 million illegal aliens have been stopped at our border since the beginning of this year. That’s just those who have been caught. It’s a full-on crisis, and we need all the agents we can get.

Why are some now being fired?

Getting Real About the Border

The truth about the border is it’s not just a human tragedy; it’s a national security nightmare. Cartels that haven’t been able to move as much drugs into America are moving people instead.

They’re moving sex slaves and people who they kill if they don’t pay them back huge sums of money after reaching the US. Our border is being used as a people-laundering business for the worst cartels on the planet, similar to ISIS in their tactics and methods.

This is the worst border situation we’ve seen in at least two decades and it’s only getting worse. Border Patrol has to deal with this cruelty every day and still treat people with respect.

Now, they’re being told their own personal medical decisions will result in them being turfed in 30 days. That’s Biden’s America, I suppose…

No Test or Vax for Illegals

A good example of the hypocrisy is last week when 15,000 Haitians flooded the small town of Del Rio. Some were turned back, but the majority were let in: 12,000 were let into America without COVID tests or vaccines.

Every day, thousands of migrants are allowed into the country with no court dates and unknown disease status. Instead, Border Patrol gets falsely accused of “whipping” people when they were actually just using whips to navigate their horses, also known as basic horsemanship.

Another thing to keep in mind is many Border Patrol agents already had COVID because of catching it from all the illegals they deal with, including before the vaccines were available.

This means many have natural immunity. Why should people with natural immunity have to get an experimental vaccine?