Blue State Insanity: Hawaii Now Letting Nurses Do Abortions

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Hawaii is a beautiful place known for its sunshine, surfing and lovely beaches. 

It’s also about as Democrat as they come. In fact, Hawaii has supported Democrats in every presidential election except 1972 and 1984 and its state politics are also fully dominated by the left. 

The Aloha State has a long history of being pro-abortion, and was one of the first to allow abortion for any reason if the woman asked for it, with very few restrictions and allowing late-term abortions. 

Now Hawaii Governor David Ige has signed legislation that allows Hawaiian nurses to do abortions. 

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Why is Hawaii Signing This Law?

Hawaii is allowing some nurses to perform abortions because of not having enough doctors to do it on some of their smaller islands. This causes some women who want abortions to have to fly into the capital of Honolulu for their abortion.

So essentially the blue state of Hawaii wants to make sure women don’t have any inconvenience as they go about the process of killing their unborn babies. 

“This act will enable people who desperately need reproductive health care services to receive health care from very high quality health care providers, including advanced practice registered nurses, where they need it, when they need it, and … in their own communities,” said Director of the Hawaii Center for Nursing Laura Reichardt.

Now that the new law is in effect, advanced practice registered nurses can give the abortion pill and can do aspiration abortion where a fetus is vacuumed out of the womb in order to murder the unborn baby. 

This will be allowed to be done by nurses up to the first trimester of pregnancy and is allowed to be done at a clinic, hospital or just a nurse’s office. 

An advanced practice nurse is one who has a master’s degree and is allowed to prescribe medication and diagnose patients. 

Various other states also allow advanced practice nurses to do abortions including California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, Virginia, Vermont and West Virginia.

Hawaii’s Pro-Abortion Past

In addition to becoming the first state in the US to let women get an abortion for any reason if they wanted it in 1970, Hawaii has a long history of a high abortion rate and liberal politics that turn a blind eye to it. 

This law will ensure that the islands of Kauai, Molokai and Lanai have enough providers to give all the women abortions who want them for any reason, including the most common reason cited in numerous polls which is that they don’t feel ready to be a mother. 

There was some opposition to Hawaii’s new law, but for the most part the new bill was signed without much protest of any kind. 

The most important thing about Hawaii’s new law isn’t the redesignation of nurses to be able to do abortions, it’s the horrific clarity with which Democrats continually make their priorities known. 

Think about it: everything that Democrats say they’re doing is pretty much the opposite.

Biden’s infrastructure bill is mostly a boondoggle green energy pork fest.

“Immigrant rights” is mainly letting coyotes and rapist dump kids over a border wall and leave them stranded in the desert.

Alliance building and working with allies is basically letting VP Kamala “Hyena Laugh” Harris run your foreign policy and sleepwalking into a war with China while Russia gets ready to literally invade Ukraine any day. 

Protection from COVID is shutting down small businesses and keeping healthy people shut up in their houses going crazy.

And “reproductive healthcare” is signing an entire new law just so that women can murder their unborn babies more easily in Hawaii. 

These people are truly sick.