Bird Activists Team Up With Drag Queen to Fight Climate Change

"Drag Queen" by Radek Oliwa

The last thing I thought I’d hear today was liberals thought up a way to fight climate change and save the birds through song, more specifically, a song performed by none other than a transvestite in bird feathers.

Though, as Hamlet so eloquently explained, there are more things in heaven and earth than we could possibly dream of.

Even then, the left is definitely pushing its limits with this latest attempt at pushing drag queen culture into mainstream media.

“birds” by mickey

All it took to reverse climate change was a man in drag, it seems

Namely, the organization behind the video, Audubon Society, stepped up to the plate right in the nick of time, combining the publicity that Pride Month promotions garner with their passion for the protection of near-extinct bird species.

That’s not to say there aren’t dozens of more pressing matters to attend to at the time. However, it’s very evident that, contrary to Audubon’s tweets, the last thing we needed right now was Pattie Gonia’s “Song of the Meadowlark”, as they titled it.

Pattie, a long-standing drag queen and environmentalist, shared the song on his own Twitter profile, arguing the importance of his art and how it “helps portray habitat loss and temperature rise.”

Climate change is factual at this point. Denying it is practically lying to yourself and everyone around you. Yet, this doesn’t justify the pointless shoving of LGBT propaganda down everyone’s throats, masked under the guise of well-meaning art and song.

LGBT propaganda disguised as environmentalism

It remains unclear what Audubon’s message behind the video was, considering the fact the drag queen in the video is depicted as some sort of Meadowlark mutant.

Yet, they didn’t shy away from boasting about their collaboration with the trans community.

Moreover, they’re urging LGBT members to empower themselves to engage in environmentalist programs, turning this into yet another LGBT-exclusive call for action.

In fact, Pattie goes as far as saying he hopes his “song” will reach a much wider audience and “queer up” the environmental space, almost as if that’s what’s going to revert this natural phenomenon.

Pattie also promoted another one of his projects, titled “Let’s Go Birding Together.” This is a queer-inclusive program designed specifically as a subversion of their own “clipped-wing“ history in America.

He added a number of the people involved in the shooting of the video are part of the LGBT community.

He claimed a lot of them felt out of place outdoors, which isn’t that out of place for a bunch of people dressing up as bird-mutant-things.

If anything, we can rest easy knowing much like the rest of the environmental programs the LGBT community gets involved in, this one won’t be long for this world.

Given that the Earth won’t be turning into a “fiery ball of death“ any time soon, this whole bird song thing will have been for naught.