Bill Gates: COVID is About to Get Much Worse

Bill Gates is like a con man who can’t keep his story straight. As one of the world’s richest men and a leading donor to health and development projects, Gates has been credited with helping fund the COVID vaccines.

He’s also continually kept saying the pandemic will be over next year and then changing his view. Like Dr. Tony Fauci, Gates can’t keep his story straight. Now, his latest warning is another black cloud of doom here to ruin our holidays.

Gates Warns the ‘Worst’ is Coming

Warning about the new omicron variant, Gates said the “worst” leg of COVID will be ahead, if we don’t respond with the “right” measures. Gates said some of his best friends are sick with the new variant and he himself will be calling off his holiday plans.

Two surprises here: that Gates actually has any friends, and that he celebrates the holidays. That aside, his new warning should give us goosebumps, considering Gates is so deeply involved in all of this.

According to this strange billionaire, omicron might end up being worse than past forms of COVID because it’s ultra-infectious and unpredictable.

Even though the vaccine doesn’t prevent COVID and reportedly does almost nothing against omicron that anyone is aware of, Gates told everyone to obtain their booster shots and stay safe.

He warned us to stay away from big crowds, mask up, and be cautious.

Pandemic Over in 2022?

According to Gates, if we respond well to the omicron variant, then the pandemic “could” finish in 2022. Let’s see where things stand on Dec. 31, 2022. This guy has been wrong before and I’d bet good money he’ll be wrong again.

Health authorities are saying our hospitals may soon be overwhelmed by people with COVID because of how fast omicron is spreading. At the moment, there is a system being developed where you can test at home so hospitals don’t get swarmed.

Three things here: Most people with omicron have no symptoms, so why is everyone testing like a maniac?

Secondly, why are people being pushed so hard to get vaxxed if it doesn’t stop omicron?

Thirdly, why were nurses and hospital staff fired who won’t get the COVID vax if we’re in the middle of a deadly pandemic and we don’t have enough workers to keep our hospitals going?

There are so many holes in this story, it’s basically Swiss cheese.

The Bottom Line

Bill Gates is not the emperor of the United States. If he wants us all to stay inside and stay safe, then maybe he should have built up more credibility first.

Sure, he developed a decent computer system, but this guy has been wrong on everything about COVID.

You’d think doing a drill with health leaders to simulate a worldwide pandemic just ahead of COVID would have prepared him better.