Bill Gates Plans to Take Away Your Steak

When he’s not scheming about how to push experimental vaccines on people or implement a digital ID to keep us “safe,” tech billionaire Bill Gates also wants to control what goes in your mouth.

Specifically, he wants you to be forced to start eating soy burgers and fake meat, while having your beef and red meat made illegal.

It sounds insane, because it is. However, when someone has as much money, power, and influence as Gates, their awful ideas have a nasty habit of becoming reality.

Here’s Gates’ plan…

Gates Wants to Run Your Life

Gates has been busy happily going on news shows about COVID, laughing while he talks about death statistics and how the experimental and dangerous vaccines will save us.

He’s a complete propagandist who’s not even a medical doctor, but somehow, the mainstream media seems to believe he’s a useful contributor about a pandemic.

In any case, the Microsoft co-founder also has another huge obsession in addition to virology and diseases: he is obsessed with the climate.

Gates recently wrote a big book about how to reverse climate change named How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need.

The main thing you need to understand about this self-righteous piece of excrement disguised as a book is that it’s all about:

  1. Making you feel guilty and awful about your life
  2. Giving elites like Gates the justification to run your life

A big part of that is controlling what goes in your mouth. Gates says a big part of that is making sure first world countries stop eating red meat and switch instead to soy-based products.

Maybe that works out well for whatever species Gates is underneath the human mask, but for the rest of us, that sounds nauseating.

Gates Says It’s No Big Deal

The “taste difference” is something people will get accustomed to according to Gates, and he says Beyond Meat burgers will soon be mainstream and preferable to real meat.

Even though artificial meat is only 1% of the world’s meat products today, Gates said he’s optimistic that’s going to rapidly increase.

The main argument is that raising beef cattle and red meat leaves a large footprint in the environment because of water consumption, clearing forests for grazing and methane output from cows and other animals.

The truth is if Gates were truly concerned about the world, he wouldn’t be trying to force America into the new one-world technocratic system and undermine our Constitution.

He wouldn’t have spent two years crushing our businesses and making us stay indoors where studies now show more people caught serious cases of COVID than if they’d just been allowed out into the open air.

This man is a sociopathic liar who was friends with Jeffrey Epstein. Even Gates’ ex-wife, Melinda, had enough of him. She split, spilling the beans on his creepy friendship with Epstein.

The Bottom Line

If Gates wants to switch to soy meat, he’s absolutely welcome to do so. Although, come to think of it, it looks like he already did so long ago.