Big Twist in the Dave Chappelle Attempted Murder Case

Comedian Dave Chapelle is a liberal man who likes to tell jokes on stage. However, one of the things Chapelle finds funny is the woke left and how sensitive it gets when you joke about its pet issues.

One of those issues Chapelle jokes about now and then is transgenderism. He’s said some things the trans community found hurtful and even caused walkouts at Netflix for carrying his special ‘the Closer.’

However, Chapelle actually said rash things about many people and groups, because he’s a politically incorrect comedian.

The liberal media has gone berserk over this, calling Chapelle every name in the book and inciting violence against him for his views.

The media got their wish two weeks ago when Chapelle was attacked onstage during a show at the Hollywood Bowl.

Chapelle’s Attacker Escapes Charges

The man who attacked Chapelle onstage was named Isaiah Lee. He apparently wanted to kill Chapelle and came at him with a switchblade knife. The knife wasn’t open at the time, however.

This fact led far-left Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon to decline to press charges. According to him, the case fell short of anything but simple battery since the knife wasn’t folded out.

Chapelle was furious, which is completely understandable. The fact an attacker is too deranged to get his knife properly set up before trying to slash you to death doesn’t mean he didn’t intend to slash you to death.

Gascon has a Juris Doctor (JD) from Western State College of Law at Westcliff University in Irvine, California.

He knows full well this is a case of attempted murder; his decision to sit back made a lot of people very angry and increase their efforts to get him booted as DA.

Now, the pressure appears to have had an effect, or maybe just basic decency and shame. Gascon will indeed be hitting Lee with a felony charge, though not for his attack on Chapelle.

Wait, what? Yes, seriously…

Lee to Be Tried For Attempted Murder

Gascon plans to hit Lee with attempted murder charges for a completely different attack.

It’s not from when he tackled Chapelle onstage at the Hollywood Bowl with a switchblade in hand; it’s from when he tried to murder his roommate six months ago.

Lee, who is 23, allegedly had a fight with his roommate in the halfway house they shared. Previously, he hadn’t been charged and the roommate supposedly didn’t accuse Lee of being behind the attack.

Strange Times…

So, somebody was stabbed and the victim never said who did it? OK then.

Now, Gascon is claiming that actually, the publicity of the Chapelle case caused him to focus on Lee and find out he was really the one who was to blame for the stabbing of his roommate.

Why would Lee have been able to escape blame for being behind a stabbing?

This looks a lot like Gascon trying to find another more airtight case that had been left by the wayside because it involved down and out members of society at a halfway house.