Biden’s Revenge Strike in Afghanistan Hits Innocent Family, Including Four Kids

Last week’s suicide attack at Kabul Airport was horrific. It killed 13 of our service members and over 170 Afghan civilians. The ISIS-K group was blamed for the attack and Joe Biden vowed revenge.  Even though the entire situation was his fault, Biden said he would fix it by killing the bad guys. Then, he went and killed an innocent family instead.

Drone Strike Hits Innocent People

First, Biden launched a drone strike in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar Province, supposedly killing a top leader of ISIS-K. The proof? Zero, of course. Then, on Saturday, Biden launched more strikes.

This time he sent the drones to Kabul to hit what he claimed was another threat. The explosion actually killed nine members of a family who had nothing to do with the terrorists. This included four small kids who were innocent victims of the Biden regime.

The Murderous Biden Regime

The murderous Biden regime is picking up where Obama left off, murdering innocent people with drones so they can claim to be stopping terrorism. If anything, this kind of horrible murder leads to more terrorism.

What’s even worse is that the liberal media won’t even care; they will make excuses for Biden’s woke generals and armchair administration. A brother of the family pointed out the murdered individuals were “not ISIS” and were just a normal family.

While Biden was giving lists of Americans to the Taliban and stranding thousands of Americans behind in Kabul, we’re supposed to believe he really cares about stopping terrorism?

Now he’s killed innocent people; Biden’s also given the Taliban a perfect excuse to be a lot rougher on the Americans and Westerners who are still trapped behind enemy lines. He also did absolutely nothing to avenge the deaths of our heroic service members.

Good work, Joe.

Biden’s Afghanistan Disaster

In addition to stranding thousands of Americans behind in Afghanistan and trusting an Afghan government and Army that fell apart rapidly, Biden has done far worse. The depth of his relationship with the Taliban is also unknown. He claims not to trust them and observes that they are bad guys.

Yet, the US is still coordinating security with them in order to do its evacuations and trusting the Taliban’s word. This strike may just be one incident, but every life counts.

The brave men and women who died for our country didn’t do it so that Biden could murder families with drones. They were trying to secure the airport and get Afghan allies and Americans out, unlike the traitor Biden.

Enough is Enough

I know liberals think killing children (at least unborn ones) is fine, but it’s really not. These kinds of shameful incidents are a stain on the Biden regime, which is an abominable and horrible organization. Let’s get Americans out of Afghanistan as soon as possible before this situation gets even worse.