Biden’s Lies Are Catching Up With Him

Joe Biden wasn’t always senile; that’s something that only started taking off in the past few years and under Obama. Whereas he’s always been a liar.

Of course, many might say that being a liar is par for the course if you’re a politician. As the old joke goes: how do you confirm a politician is fibbing? Their lips are moving.

Nonetheless, in the hall of fame for liars, Biden deserves to rank quite near the top in terms of the bizarre and silly lies he’s told throughout his career. His latest lie that’s caught up with him is truly hilarious and bizarre.

No More Malarkey?

The latest lie that’s catching up to Biden is actually an oldie. It’s a lie he’s recycled a few times, but it’s now coming back to bite him in the behind.

The twist here is that for once in his life, Biden is admitting he lied. On Friday, he told the world that one of his big claims in his 2020 election run was quite simply false.

The reason he admitted he lied was related to a recent visit of a foreign leader. South Africa’s leader Cyril Ramaphosa was visiting Biden in DC and Biden came clean to him that his past claim was false.

Biden claimed a number of times that he was “arrested” trying to see South African civil rights leader Nelson Mandela. He admitted to Ramaphosa that this quite simply is a lie. Biden wasn’t arrested in some brave stand for civil rights, not even close.

Biden did try to say he got “stopped” trying to see imprisoned Mandala, which was also untrue. In fact, he was close friends of former KKK bigwig Senator Robert Byrd, so it’s a bit closer to the opposite.

What Else Was Discussed?

Biden and Ramaphosa also talked about various other subjects, but the main reason for the visit was to make sure that South Africa won’t buy cheap Russian oil.

This has angered some in South Africa, who are also upset about high gas prices. Ramaphosa also urged Biden to lift sanctions on Zimbabwe and reduce the migrant crisis coming out of that nation which also affects South Africa.

At least Biden admitted he wasn’t “arrested” trying to make a stand for justice, but he’s still full of malarkey. There’s so much more he’s lied about from pretending he didn’t know about Hunter’s crooked business to pretending he was unaware of the raid on Mar-a-Lago.

Enough is enough.

The Bottom Line

Can you trust that a liar is telling the truth about a lie? I think in this case, yes. Good on Biden at least this one time for openly admitting he is full of malarkey.