Biden’s COVID Lies Just Reached a Fever Pitch

Joe Biden lies almost every time he opens his mouth. The man is basically a walking list of lies on everything from immigration and the economy, to foreign policy and COVID.

As a puppet of the far left that wants to push its agenda through this senile man, Biden’s lies serve to confuse the public and make them unsure of what’s going on.

Then, when the CDC (or another department) starts making more outrageous demands, the hope is people will give up trying to figure out what’s true and just comply with whatever is asked of them. Biden’s latest lie about COVID is so idiotic it’s hard to believe he even said it.

Biden’s Misinformation on COVID

Biden’s latest lie was during a speech where he explained why everyone in the military and healthcare industry must be vaccinated if they want to keep their job. Obviously, his job here in these remarks was to sell the vaccine even more, as if 99% of us aren’t sick and tired of having it pushed on us every single day.

Biden said it’s very necessary everyone gets vaccinated because that way, they won’t be able to “spread” the virus. Biden said when you get vaccinated, it gives everyone else around you the “certainty” they won’t give you the disease.

The fact of the matter is people who are vaccinated can still be highly contagious; it’s utterly false to claim they can’t give you the virus.

They can and they do every day, to both vaccinated and unvaccinated people alike. Biden needs to stop lying about COVID, but then again, the chances of that happening are near zero.

Moving the Goalposts

We used to hear a lot about herd immunity; then, we heard about how the vaccine would stop us from getting and spreading COVID. Then, we heard about how the vaccine would probably stop us from dying…even though it wouldn’t actually stop the virus, especially the delta variant.

This is the opposite of reassuring. Continuing to say stupid and false things about the vaccine and the virus is only causing more unvaccinated people to want to remain unvaccinated.

Biden says over 25% of Americans who are “eligible” to get their COVID shot haven’t done so and he wants to change that. He says new variants could start coming up if we don’t get vaccinated and that’s part of why he’s putting the pressure on.

Although it wasn’t his “first instinct,” Biden says now the science tells him it’s necessary to push much harder to get everyone vaxxed. He might want to start by being at least a little bit accurate about the efficacy of the vaccine and how it works.


The COVID vaccine does not prevent infection or transmission.