Biden’s Big Afghanistan Disaster

Even those who voted for Biden now realize that he’s a big fat liar. The man can’t go two words without saying something untrue, making false promises or denying reality.

Then again, he’s so senile that he might not know what reality actually is. That has very bad consequences for our nation, especially in economics and foreign policy.

In real time, Afghanistan is now being overrun by Taliban terrorists we spent 20 years fighting. Just a month ago, Biden promised it was “highly unlikely” the Taliban would have a comeback.

Now the group just took Afghanistan’s third biggest city of Herat; they are furthermore threatening the capital of Kabul.

Biden’s Been Wrong on Everything

Every subject you bring up, even a liberal would have to admit that Biden’s gotten it wrong. That’s the charitable explanation.

The more hard-headed explanation is he’s a weak liar who is selling this country out and has disgraced our troops. It was only July 8 that Biden claimed there was very little chance the Taliban would do much once US troops left.

Yet, now the Taliban are already literally retaking Afghanistan, establishing their tyrannical government and erasing the work that was done.

Biden is a fool and a terrible president. The only one who comes to mind who was even worse on foreign policy is Barack Hussein Obama.

The Taliban Continues its Resurgence

On Thursday, the Taliban took Herat and they now also say they have conquered their holy city of Kandahar. Kandahar is the second-biggest city in the country and it’s the most important to the Taliban as a morale-booster.

The Biden regime will not confirm this, but sources in the Pentagon acknowledge that it’s definitely either fallen or is very close to falling.

Fresh with captured weapons and an Afghan Army who ran away or surrendered, the Taliban are erasing the trillions of taxpayer dollars sent to Afghanistan and the thousands of lives sacrificed.

The American war plan didn’t work. Afghanistan is a total disaster.

US Troops Help Pull Out Staff

US troops are currently helping get personnel out of the US embassy in Kabul, and all other Americans have been warned to leave. The Taliban are very close to attacking Kabul and it is not safe.

As they retake the country, expect an uptick in killings of civilian workers and anyone who’s worked with the US military or NATO to take place.

Also expect a reinstitution of their harsh brand of Islamic law to retake the country’s radio stations, schools, markets and towns. Biden lied about the troop pullout; it was a terrible time to do it.

It is hard for veterans to watch their years of deployments go down the drain, especially while the globalist Biden sits by making excuses and backing down on our commitments.