Biden White House in Hot Water Over Questionable Demands of Reporters

Since the Biden administration took over the White House, there’s been a shocking lack of transparency.

On numerous occasions, various presidential aides are rushing out members of the media to keep them from asking different questions. Meanwhile, Biden laughs and snickers in the background when this happens.

Then, there’s the president’s lack of unfiltered interactions with the media. For a certain time during his tenure, Biden wasn’t holding press conferences or giving interviews.

Eventually, the president did begin to interact with the media, though not without myriad flashcards and cheat sheets with explicit directions on them.

Now, the president and his administration are once again under fire, this time owing to their dealings with reporters, according to Hot Air.

A National Disgrace

A White House correspondent with Fox News alleges that the Biden administration is now requiring that reporters submit their questions ahead of time before asking them.

Of course, this is a clear effort to help the White House filter out questions and prepare their answers prematurely, rather than having to give honest responses on the spot.

Some people may think this is a little ironic, given the Biden administration’s initial promise to lead with transparency. The lack of transparency with this president and his administration continues to remain on full display for all to see.

The Biden administration’s demands for reporters to submit their questions ahead of time also comes as the White House is known to evade certain inquiries or intentionally provide roundabout answers.

The Biggest Takeaway

Judging from how this White House has habitually conducted itself, it’s pretty safe to say that Americans shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for honest, transparent answers.

It should also be expected that the Biden administration will keep rushing the media out of the room at certain times and being selective with the questions it takes. After all, the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.