Biden Wants to Help the IRS Spy Directly on Your Bank Account

Every day, there’s new revelations about the Biden regime’s desire to crack down on your freedom. The latest issue comes over banking freedom.

Biden wants to help the IRS spy on people’s bank accounts and the Democrats are going along with it. Thankfully, the GOP still has a few patriots left who respect the value of freedom and are standing up to this madman.

They’re doing their best to stop this trend that gives the IRS huge new powers.

GOP Senator: IRS ‘Weaponization’ Needs to Stop

We all remember past instances in the Obama administration when the IRS was targeted against the Tea Party. That potential still exists.

Republican Senator James Lankford wants to put a stop to it, arguing that political “weaponization” is a distortion of the IRS’ proper reach.

With a new bill, Lankford and the GOP are trying to compel the IRS to stop intruding into people’s personal accounts and monitoring their transactions.

With expansions of the IRS role, the Biden regime aims to allow the IRS to look over anything they want in people’s private accounts as much and as specifically as they want.

For one thing, Biden will be increasing IRS funding massively. For another, he will give them more power to look into people’s private finances for any transaction over $600 in value, to uncover whatever they want.

This is an invasion of privacy to say the least, and the potential for abuse is enormous.

More Tax Hounds

The last thing America needs is more IRS agents breathing down their necks. That’s what the new Democrat bill does. It tacks on 80,000 more IRS workers to dig into your private business and spy on your transactions.

It sounds like a nightmare to me. The new GOP bill will stop the IRS from targeting anyone based on politics, religious beliefs, or other aspects.

It will put some safety measures on the additional $80 billion in funding that the IRS is acquiring, which basically gives them unlimited power.

Biden Wants a ‘Reporting Regime’

As Senator Marco Rubio of Florida says, Biden is trying to create a permanent “reporting regime” that will work to target you based on your beliefs.

Think of the future potential for abuses if the COVID rules go further, banking privacy gets eroded, and the IRS keeps growing in power.

People like Rubio and Lankford are correct to be alarmed at this Democrat legislation. If it keeps moving forward, it has the potential to start causing major problems for Americans of all beliefs.

Nonetheless we all know what it will be used for: to crack down on Christians and conservatives and make it harder for them to earn a living in the United States.

More and more, that seems to be the main objective of our current diseased regime.