Biden Suffers Big Blow in Crucial Environmental Case

The far-left radical agenda of the Biden administration and the Democrat Party has been dealt a significant blow.

The US Supreme Court ruled against the claim of the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that it had the right to regulate all wetlands in the United States.

Unanimous Ruling

In what has become a huge victory for the good people of the United States, SCOTUS ruled unanimously on Thursday that the EPA didn’t have universal authority over this nation’s wetlands.

Even the three liberal, i.e., leftist justices on the panel joined the conservative majority, The Gateway Pundit reports.

Wetlands cover some 5.5% of the 48 contiguous states’ territory. The EPA wanted to be able to regular every single pond and puddle nationwide, claiming the authority stemmed from the Clear Water Act.

The SCOTUS ruling came in response to a lawsuit by an Idaho couple, Michael and Chantell Sackett, whom the EPA prohibited from building a house on their land because it had “wetlands.”

Even though the Supreme Court was unanimous in favor of the Sacketts, the panel was divided 5-4 with respect to the ruling’s reasoning.

In a legal opinion in “Sackett v. EPA,” the court found the agency’s interpretation of the Clean Water Act didn’t correspond with the law. It referred to wetlands with a surface link to bodies of water that are such in their own right.

Top Democrat Whines About Ruling

The SCOTUS ruling overturned the decision of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which ruled in favor of the EPA. The ruling in favor of the legal definition of wetlands was met with “whining” by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

He called SCOTUS a “MAGA Supreme Court” – even though the ruling in Sackett v. EPA was unanimous and not only of the conservative majority.

Schumer complained the anti-EPA decision was “eroding” the nation’s “environment laws” and would cause more pollution and more wetlands to be destroyed.

Even though all nine justices concurred with the conclusion that the EPA “overstepped” its authority, the top Senate Democrat vowed the left would keep fighting for greater powers of the agency.