Biden Spits in the Face of Our Troops Who are Religious

Joe Biden is still focused on forcing the COVID vaccine on anyone he can. He recently filmed an extremely cringe video with the Jonas Brothers and he’s not stopping anytime soon.

One of the places in America with the highest vaccination rates of all is our military. After all, our servicemen and women are used to getting vaccinations and taking orders. They were told to get their shots and they lined up and got them.

Simple as that. However, our military also contains some of the strongest-willed and smartest people in our nation. Not all of them want to agree to an experimental vaccine that doesn’t even stop COVID.

The problem is they are required to get it. That’s why thousands are trying to claim a religious exemption, saying the vaccine is against their beliefs. Biden just spit in their faces.

Take Your Faith and Shove It

There are currently over 12,000 of our military men and women who are filing for a religious exemption to get the mRNA jabs. They don’t want them.

So far, zero of them have been approved for the religious exemption. It’s unclear why the law suddenly doesn’t apply, since troops are under the impression they were defending the United States and her Constitution, not Dr. Fauci or the CDC.

Military chaplains are in an especially tricky position, as priests and rabbis have to try to respect and comfort the faith of members, while also smoking out those who are using religious exemptions for political reasons.

Altogether, there are around 30,000 unvaxxed members of our Armed Forces, and about 12,000 of them are going the religious exemption route, so far with zero success. Some are just plain saying no, but that’s an even less likely success rate.

Getting a religious exemption isn’t easy, but should technically be possible. It’s not really surprising at this point that Biden is telling troops to take their faith and shove it.

Biden was checking his watch at Dover Air Force base in Delaware when the bodies of our 13 troops came back from Afghanistan. Do you really think he cares about the religious beliefs of our troops?

Democrats Celebrate the Bullying

Democrats, meanwhile, are celebrating the bullying of religious troops. They are taunting them about why they joined in the first place and got other vaccines if they won’t get the COVID vaccine.

Others are claiming no religion exempts you from vaccines in any case. As usual, once liberals show their true face, it’s twisted with hate and ignorant judgments.

They want to tell all of us to respect their pronouns and bizarre “gender identities,” but they won’t even grant the right of our fighting men and women to make up their minds about an experimental injection.