Biden Spits in the Faces of All Americans by Breaking His Own COVID Rules

It’s no secret Joe Biden is a hypocrite and a liar. This senile man has no respect for the American people and he shows it every day with his words and his actions.

However, Biden’s latest mistake may be one of his most outrageous yet. This crosses the line into complete arrogance and is exactly the kind of reason nobody trusts him.

It happened on Saturday night at a high-class restaurant in Washington, DC called Fiola Mare and it was all caught on video.

Biden’s Mask Hypocrisy

Biden was caught walking along, completely without a mask. This is against Washington, DC bylaws, which require a mask to be worn indoors at all times when not eating.

Biden and his wife had just been attending church and stopped by the seafood restaurant for a nice romantic dinner. They apparently didn’t think it was a big deal to wear their masks while walking around inside though.

DC’s had an indoor mask rule since July, whether you’re vaccinated or not. Anyone over 2 has to wear a mask inside. Then again, Biden has a mental age of less than 2, so perhaps the rules don’t apply to him.

Part of a Toxic Pattern

Biden’s behavior is far from surprising. DC Mayor Muriel Bowser broke her own rules numerous times, including at a crowded wedding, where she was caught in photos not wearing a mask.

She also didn’t wear a mask various other times. After all, the rules are just for the little guy, not for the high and mighty Bidens or the coddled Democrat mayor of DC.

Biden and his idiot friends should understand the American people are not stupid or weak. They understand what is being pulled and they are sick and tired of it.

It’s obviously clear mask mandates are stupid; even Dr. Fauci has admitted they do almost nothing to stop COVID. Others warned masks can actually be harmful to your physical and mental wellbeing.

However, if the rules are going to be in place, then the people who put them in place had better damn well obey them.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is this: there’s no substantial proof the mask mandate works and it should be dropped altogether like it is in Florida.

However, if these liberal lunatics are going to keep muzzling our kids; if they are going to keep the mask mandate in place, then they need to stick to their own rules.

It’s the least they can do to cover up their lying faces when they go out in public. If not covering up for the fake protection it gives from the COVID virus, they can cover their faces up out of pure and utter shame.