Biden Shares His Conditions For Convening With Putin

Since getting into office, Joe Biden has faced immense backlash over how he’s chosen to go about various foreign policy matters.

The president was widely condemned last year when his removal of American troops from Afghanistan led to 13 servicemembers dying at the Kabul airport, along with the Taliban returning to power after 20 years.

Months later, the Russian invasion of Ukraine took place. It’s been widely speculated that had Biden handled Afghanistan differently in 2021, Russian President Putin may not have invaded Ukraine back in February of this year.

Now, Biden has gone on record, laying out his terms and conditions to convene with Putin, per Breitbart News.

The Latest From Biden on Meeting With Putin

Earlier this week, Biden convened with his French counterpart at the White House. During this time, the US president spoke about his views on a possible meeting with Putin.

According to Biden, he will only gather with his Russian counterpart if the latter agrees to withdraw from Ukraine. He then contined on by stating in order for a meeting to take place with Putin, he has to show an interest in ending the ongoing Ukraine war.

Biden claimed he hasn’t seen this from Putin and therefore doesn’t have “immediate plans” to gather with the Russian autocrat.

Later, Biden also said US allies in NATO would have to be on board with him convening with Putin. Without their stamp of approval, Biden made it clear he won’t be sitting down with the president of Russia.

No Way Out?

So far, Putin has given no indication that he plans to withdraw from Ukraine by his own volition. Biden seems to know this, hence his commentary that Putin is missing a way out of this.

Meanwhile, the president claimed support for Ukraine is vital. Though in recent weeks, criticism of the United States sending endless aid to Ukraine has come up.

Many Americans here at home are struggling to make it through the month, access childcare, and plan for the future. Biden, meanwhile, suggested there’s no clear limit on the amount of aid he’s willing to send to Ukraine.

Already, Republicans announced that upon retaking the House of Representatives next month, they’re going to be digging into exactly how funds sent to Ukraine have been used thus far.

Many folks who are critical of endless aid to Ukraine have also stated that opposing billions upon billions of dollars going to this country is not synonymous with supporting Putin’s war there.

What do you make of the terms and conditions that Biden laid out for any potential meeting with Putin the future? Let us know in the comments area below if you believe either of these leaders will be convening any time soon.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.