Biden Shares a Strange Tale About a Nurse Who Would Breathe on Him

President Biden commended nursing as the “single most undervalued job role in the world” during a speech on Tuesday in Virginia Beach. He also shared a personal story about his time in the hospital in 1988 for brain aneurysms.

Biden gave a shout-out to the nurses at the beginning of his speech. He reminisced about how well they helped him while he was hospitalized in the late 1980s for two suspected fatal brain aneurysms.


After a few craniotomies, while he was in Walter Reed during that time, he was lying there. Biden had a military nurse called Pearl Nelson. She would enter and perform tasks he doubted were covered in nursing school.

She would whisper in his ear. She would whisper and stoop down, but he could not understand her. She would breathe on him to ensure a human connection between them.

Because the then-U.S. senator thought the pillow given to him wasn’t very comfortable, Biden claimed that Nelson even went home and took a pillow off her bed.

He told the assembly of doctors, ‘You doctors are excellent, but if there are any angels in heaven, it’s the nurses.’

‘You know why?’ he questioned. ‘Nurses make you want to continue living; you guys allow us to live.’

The president attributed his will to live anew to the nurses at Walter Reed.

On his visit to the Middle East in July, Biden related a similar story as he pledged $100 million in U.S. financing for healthcare services to a hospital in East Jerusalem that serves the Palestinian community.

Then, he said, ‘Are there nurses in the room?’ The president joked, ‘If not, I’m going home,’ to laughter.

He recounted how his first wife and their little daughter perished in a vehicle accident around Christmas.

A tractor-trailer struck his boys, trapping them inside a car for three hours, Biden added. While the doctor saved their lives, the nurses inspired them to continue living.

Health Issues

The president discussed his health struggles, including the multiple aneurysms and additional embolism. He recounted being in the intensive care unit and said this was the first time he had ever said these things publicly.

The president said, ‘You look at the screens, and you understand if the line falls flat, you’re dead. Yet, even when you’re not in pain, you feel exhausted and want to give up.’

He then spoke about how the Walter Reed Medical Center nurses would approach and touch his face while whispering in his ear. ‘They’d approach and reassure me that everything would be fine. They had an impact on my life,’ he claimed.

In order to achieve their fiscal demands, Republicans sought to slash Medicaid and interfere with Obamacare. Biden spent the majority of his address on Tuesday warning against these actions.

Sen. Rick Scott’s proposal to “sunset” laws every five years, which Biden said encompassed Medicare and Social Security, has been a focus of the president’s attacks on Republicans for weeks.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.