Biden Set to Nominate a New Supreme Court Justice

Stephen Breyer has served on the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) since 1994 when he was appointed by President Bill Clinton. Breyer generally sides with the left and is on the liberal side of SCOTUS.

Under President Trump, we saw Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh, and Neil Gorsuch nominated to SCOTUS, putting conservative and pro-Constitution folks into the all-important highest court in the land.

Now, Joe Biden will be nominating someone for SCOTUS and all the spotlight is on him.

Biden’s SCOTUS Promise

In March 2020, Biden promised he would nominate a black woman to SCOTUS if he had the chance. He said this would be done to “reflect” America. According to Biden, it’s vital that people of color finally have more “representation” now on SCOTUS, along with women.

In the past, Biden filibustered in order to block black woman justice and SCOTUS nominee Janice Rogers Brown from getting a seat on SCOTUS.

As we all know, Biden’s fake interest in advancing the rights of black people and women is purely a cynical political playing card, as his intense opposition to Brown showcased fully.

The fact of the matter is SCOTUS has become much more conservative in recent years. Breyer, 83, represents a chance for the left to shoe in someone who’s young and full of far-left opinions.

It’s a chance for Biden and his globalist handlers to put in place someone who will serve their agenda without questioning and help push America left.

Biden’s Not Just Talk on This

Biden put through eight black women to the Court of Appeals, with five already having got the stamp of approval. He’s not just talking about this and it’s clear he’s serious about putting a black, far-left woman on SCOTUS.

He has quite a few options, but speculation is once again growing that Biden is going to put VP Kamala Harris up for nomination. Although the two have vowed to run again together in 2024, it is possible Biden could give her a SCOTUS seat as a way to get rid of her.

Harris’ time in office so far has been a very big liability with a series of public failures and humiliations at home and abroad.

The Bottom Line

The chance of Harris being put up for SCOTUS is not very high, but it is possible. Most likely, Biden will choose a highly qualified and far-left black woman from his various options to take a seat on SCOTUS.

Just as he picked Harris for her skin color and gender, and then responded to any criticism of her as racist misogyny, Biden will try the same trick with his SCOTUS pick, as he works to keep pushing his globalist Build Back Better agenda.