Biden Sells US Reserve Oil to Hunter’s Business Pals in China

(Hunter Biden selfie from one of his lost laptops)

The Biden administration sold a large amount of US oil. He released it from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in an attempt to bring down spiking gas prices.

The oil went to a state-owned company in Communist China that his prodigal son Hunter Biden has financial ties to.

Making Hunter and His Communist Comrades Happy

The revelation that part of the US reserve oil supposed to relieve pain at the pumps for American consumers went to Chinese communists (and maybe Hunter Biden personally) comes against the backdrop of other, new scandalous disclosures.

A recent report revealed a December 2018 voicemail message left by Joe Biden to Hunter’s iPhone. It was backed up on the laptop and displayed Biden clearly discussing with his son the latter’s murky international business dealings.

Even so, Biden’s press secretary, earlier this week, reiterated his denial and claims he has never been even aware of Hunter’s financial relationships.

Amid skyrocketing gas prices, back in March, Sleepy Joe’s Energy Department released, at his instruction, a total of 30 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Reserve.

The additional amounts of crude were supposed to cushion the blow on the American and global oil market caused by Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Back then, the Energy Department received a total of 126 offers for the purchase of the Reserve oil; it chose 12 of them in April.

Among those was a company called Unipec America, Inc. It got 950,000 barrels of oil in what was described by the Biden administration as a “price-competitive sale.”

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Biden Lied to the American People

However, Unipec America is a subsidiary of the trading arm of the Chinese government-owned company Sinopec, which is fully run by the Chinese Communist Party, per a report.

The further catch, though, is Hunter had financial connections to Sinopec for years. Back in 2015, a private equity company that Hunter co-founded, BHR Partners, bought a stake worth $1.7 million in Sinopec Marketing.

At one point, Hunter Biden was the owner of 10% of BHR Partners through his own company, Skaneateles LLC.

According to Chinese corporate records, Hunter still has a stake in BHR Partners, even though, since 2019, the Biden campaign has been claiming otherwise.

The involvement of the Biden administration with Unipec is also highly problematic since Unipec keeps helping bloodthirsty Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin run his war of aggression against Ukraine.

Even though it publicly promised to stop buying Russian oil, a Bloomberg report in May revealed Unipec hired even more tankers in order to be able to ship itself crude oil from Eastern Russia.

According to Daniel Turner, who founded “Power for the Future,” the fact that Biden is selling US reserve oil to the likely benefit of both Hunter and his communist comrades in Beijing underscores the fact the Biden administration “lied to the American people.”