Biden Says Ultra Creepy Thing to Young Girl During Speech

Democratic Rally, University of Akron by Dana Beveridge is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Let’s be honest: President Biden is famous for two main things — messing up and forgetting speeches along with saying and doing creepy things to kids and women. 

If you ask a random person on the street or a foreigner about Joe Biden, there’s a good chance they’ll mention the strange clips of him smelling little girls’ hair at Senate photography sessions, or going on bizarre rambling speeches. 

Biden’s latest mishap is truly bizarre and will be hard for his administration to explain away. 

It’s just not clear what he’s trying to say or why…even the most charitable explanation still leaves you feel genuinely confused and a little disgusted. 

Here’s What Happened

Biden was giving a speech ahead of this Memorial Day Weekend at Joint Base Langley-Eustis, in Hampton, Virginia. He went on and on about various topics and his brand of patriotism including his son Beau… and he messed up the Declaration of Independence when talking about it.

He also hilariously said how proud he was to be there with Governor “Blackface” Northam by mistake, referring to VA Governor Ralph Northam. Or is Biden not aware that Northam was nationally humiliated and caught as a racist when photos surfaced of him dressing up as a Klansman and joking about racism?

Anyway, it was more of the Biden word mangling and mistakes. 

All standard Biden stuff.

But then Biden diverged very strangely. 

A veteran at the speech who had two boys and a little girl was singled out by him for comments about how proud he was of her and so on, especially her little girl of around six. 

Biden praised “those barrettes in your hair” and said she “looks like she’s 19-years-old…sitting there with her legs crossed.”

The sign language interpreter in the video looks flummoxed. What in the hell is POTUS talking about?

Here’s the Thing…

We all remember President Trump and his hilarious diversions. During speeches he’d go off teleprompter and let loose with spontaneous comments and sharing his thoughts and feelings. 

But he didn’t comment on six year old girls “looking 19” or being so attractive and enticing. What the Hell?

Why is Biden commenting on a girl who’s probably in kindergarten and how hot she looks? Is he having hallucinations and thinks she’s his prom date or is there something more sinister at work?

If Trump had said something that weird randomly about a small girl in his audience, the media would be chomping at the bit and absolutely obsessed with it for weeks. What exactly is wrong with Biden? Also, considering that it’s probably quite a long list, let me be specific: what exactly is wrong with Biden when it comes to his interactions with young girls?

I’ll just leave this photo of Biden and John Podesta down below. 

Sen Joe Biden at Center for American Progress Action Fund May 20, 2008 by Center for American Progress Action Fund is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0