Biden Says Social Media ‘Misinformation’ is ‘Killing People’

President Biden and his extreme administration are ramping up pressure on big tech. They want more censorship and more punishment for people who post what they consider to be untrue, especially about COVID-19. 

According to Biden, Facebook and other social media giants are “killing people” by allowing posting of conspiracies, misinformation and anti-vaccine posts. 

Who could actually be so naive as to think that Biden and the Democrats care about what people post in order to protect the public? They care about it so they can get more control and tighten the totalitarian vice grip they want on society, free speech, and the American way of life. 

These are authoritarian jackboot thugs disguised as politicians. 

Biden Slams the ‘Unvaccinated’ Saying They’re a Danger to Us All

Responding to a reporter asking about the pandemic, Biden angrily got in their face and said there’s a “pandemic” with “unvaccinated” people. Biden said that people without the vaccine are putting everyone in danger and “killing people” and so is anti-vaccine posting. 

The senile old man looked like he was about to bite the reporter’s head off; his comments also make no sense. So you can bet the liberal media will applaud them as brave and amazing. 

Taking the hypothesis the vaccine protects you from COVID-19 (data is still very patchy on actual protection rates): you don’t have the vaccine, you’re a danger to yourself and others without the vaccine.

If most people have the vaccine, in what way are you a danger to them? Logic, Biden, logic…

This Isn’t About Protecting You

However, the thing is that Biden doesn’t need to use logic because his job is just to smooth the way into an un-American fascist future. Look at White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki talk about how being banned on one social media site should get you banned everywhere. 

These people want to give Big Brother a run for his money. They genuinely hate freedom. Psaki also threatened Facebook, saying “additional steps” can be taken to make sure that the tech giant falls in line and starts punishing people even more for bad posts. 

Facebook is already engaged in censorship, but it’s not enough for the Biden brood. 

The Dystopian Future

We all know that Facebook will bend easily to these threats and bad press, so will the other liberal Big Tech giants. In the process, they’re burning up what’s left of the US Constitution and our rights as American citizens.

Psaki’s idea of banning people in multiple places is also obviously on their list of goals, so keep a watch out for that too. These people need to be voted out of power next year.

Moreover, they need to be challenged aggressively in the court system. They’re a threat to liberty and basic freedom.