Biden Ridiculed For Hilariously Fake Text Message He Boasted Receiving

"IMG_5038" by Matt Johnson

Saturday, President Biden’s Twitter account posted a picture of a supposed text message sent to him by one of his 51-year-old supporters; they were thanking him for his “revolutionary” student loan forgiveness act.

Not only was the text written incredibly poorly, but it was probably the most blatant example of Biden making stuff up or at the very least, blowing them out of proportion, as we’ve seen him do plenty of times before.

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Democrats love to put on a show

Naturally, given the nature of the tweet and the overall opinion on Biden recently, Twitter users ripped him to shreds.

They said Biden has been a government official for 50 years, yet a text message from a person of the same age is all he’s got to show for it.

In late August, Biden announced he’ll be canceling up to $10k in student loan debt, going up to $20k for those who received Pell Grants. This is costing the taxpayer body anywhere between $300 billion and $980 billion over the next decade.

According to Biden, the move will help Americans crawl out of their unsustainable debt and finally start working towards becoming homeowners for the first time in their lives. It’s almost as if he isn’t aware of the current housing situation in the US.

Additionally, what this would mean is working-class Americans who either never went to college or paid off their debts on time would be paying for the shortcomings of all the arts and gender studies majors who will never make it to the job market.

Biden’s POTUS account only follows 12 people

If all of that wasn’t hilarious in and of itself to you, take note of the fact that direct messages can only be sent to Biden’s account by those he follows back.

Considering Biden only follows 12 people on Twitter, many were left wondering who the text was from.

Others went deeper into dissecting the blatantly false text message, wondering how bad things are for the White House right now if they’re resorting to photoshopping messages to try and fix Biden’s image.

The message was barely believable from the start, but the heart emoji at the end really puts the final nail in the coffin. Even if the message was sent to his personal Twitter account, he only follows 48 people on there, none of which fit the description of the person who sent the “message.”

The “genius“ student loan forgiveness plan is going to set every taxpayer back by around $2k.

Although that number is acquired through the lower-end estimates from the Penn Wharton Budget Model, meaning you might end up paying a lot more for someone else’s endless partying in college.

While this does benefit the borrowers, it sends the wrong message to future generations. They might also expect their loans to be forgiven solely for the fact that millennials needed their hands held through managing their finances.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.