Biden Regime in Emergency Mode as Polls Slip to Massive New Lows

The Democrat-led media has been trying to say Biden was doing a great job and most people like him. However, a new poll proves just how untrue that is. In fact, Joe Biden and his regime are getting more and more unpopular by the day.

With our border being swamped, inflation rocketing to the worst levels in decades, and a foreign policy disaster in Afghanistan, Biden is in shambles as he tries to stay afloat.

Then there’s the pandemic and mandatory vaccinations, both issues which made him even more hated by huge parts of the country. The new poll from the reputable Zogby polling company shows Biden’s job performance rating at one of the lowest levels ever recorded for any president.

How Bad is the Poll For Biden?

This poll is very, very bad for Biden. It shows his job performance all the way down to 36%. To cut a long story short, a large majority of Americans from all political beliefs consider Biden to be doing a terrible job in office.

In addition, this poll has even worse news for Biden; two of the groups who are no longer supporting him are women and Independent voters. These sectors were key in launching him to the Oval Office. Now, increasing amounts of women and Independents are saying no thanks to the Biden agenda.

Biden is also losing the support of an increasing amount of black Americans and minorities, who see through his garbage propaganda and the way he’s been trying to use them as token puppets.

It turns out that rosy words on the campaign trail about “unity” and “green jobs” end up being a lot different in reality, and once people realize that, they jump ship.

As Biden prepares to force through a massive $3.5 trillion boondoggle spending bill disguised as green jobs and COVID relief (and a $1.2 trillion “infrastructure” spending bill), this poll should be a wake-up call to him that people hate what he’s doing.

The Sinking Ship of State

The Biden regime and its Great Reset agenda are being rejected by the American people. Biden said he wanted to “Build Back Better,” but it turns out all he really want to do was make shelves bare better.

This guy and his idiotic crew of Ivy League liberal ass-kissers are a complete joke and a stain on this nation’s honor. This new poll only shows what the rest of us already know and feel deep in our gut.

We are being led by the worst president in American history and by the worst administration to ever befoul the halls of Congress and the White House.

Biden is obsessed with pushing an ineffective and dangerous vaccine, strangling businesses, and letting our border stay open to invasion, while he blames Americans for wanting a secure country. He’s a traitor and a coward.